Now YOU KNOW exactly what’s BEHIND YOUR WALLS… all on your phone!

Own the Multi-Award Winning Ferret Wifi Inspection Camera

Over 150,000 Customers Globally 😍 the Ferret Wifi

  • Feature loaded inspection camera with a built-in WiFi hotspot designed to provide faster and easier close-up inspection when working in dark, confined, and hard to reach spaces
  • Ideal tool for any electrician, trade or DIY enthusiast to inspect & locate, reach & retrieve, data capture & report

See the Ferret Wifi in the Wild! 📷

The GO-TO Inspection Camera for the Pros 💪

“Aside from being able to inspect hard to reach or small/confined areas (gutters, attics, wall cavities, crawl spaces), the Ferret let me keep tabs on the local bird nests from a safe, non-invasive distance.”

– Cameron, Home Inspector

“This ferret by @rackatierstools is super helpful!!! As an electrician always trying to snake in wires can be a pain if you don’t know what’s behind the wall… this little guy allows you to see live what’s in the wall or ceiling!! It has all these attachments and adapters for all different fiberglass rods!! (Fish sticks) here are some videos in action they are not the best videos but you can see how easy this makes my job!”

@nickv24, Electrician

“This tool it’s a real game changer and a serious money maker, one or the best gadgets you can put in your tools bag @rackatierstools ⚡🤘🏼💀⚡”

– @tetraelectric, Electrician

“I had to fish through a bulkhead, and down a shaft! Joel ran the fish tape with the string taped to it, and I was at the shaft with the camera and its hook accessory! Together we were able to get hooked on and make the pull!

– mikes_tool_fun, Electrician

Here’s What You Get With The Ferret Wifi

Visual inspections, cable installations, maintenance and
repair work made easier & safer with the Ferret Wifi

Inspect & Locate

ALWAYS know what you’re getting into ahead of time, helping you eliminate any necessary surprises.

Reach & Retrieve

The Ferret comes equipped with a hook, magnet, extension rod, and gooseneck attachment that’s handy for pulling wire and retrieving small items in hard to reach spaces.

Data Capture & Report

Turn your phone into a smart tool by downloading the free App to record photos and video.

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Another Happy Customer

Check out what these lovely customers have to say about this product.

Sweet little tool

“Very light weight inspection camera. VERY versatile and has many applications. Wire fishing, looking behind, under and over things without moving them, along eaves in the attic where its hard to squeeze into and check for water intrusions, attached to a long painters pole (need adapter for threads) to look at a steep roof up close or into the gutters.”

– Ben Morrison

“It’s solid tough plastic”

Ordered this and it totally gets the job done! I will get lots of use out of it I am sure. Very accurate!”

– Atlanta Music Lover


Awesome product well thought out”

– Claudia Cordova

“Does what it says”

“Great Product!

– Christopher Bennet

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