TrunkTie – Ethernet Port Labels

Part # 75065

Trunkties are a simple solution designed to hold, hang, or tag things in position relative to an unpopulated RJ45 ethernet port. Their most common use is to hold tags for identifying network ports, but our customers have found countless creative applications for their use.

Sold in Qty 25 – Labels included

Common Uses

  • Server Rooms – Identifying the unpopulated ports in a patch panel
  • Equipment Relocation – Before moving, tag ports with “Reception Desk”, “IDF1”, “Storage LAN”.
  • Networked Home Builds and Remodels – Whether building a new home or adding network wiring as part of a home upgrade, leave behind easy to follow labels.
  • Multi-Tenant Office Buildings – A cabling contractor wiring a new tenant space, a building manager marking “save for suite 230 when leased”, etc.