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Part #85200

Tree Hugger – Tree Mounted Light/Bracket

$28.99 CAD

Your lights will grow up with your trees!

The Tree Hugger bracket shifts with your tree as it goes wider and taller saving it from cracking or breaking. It will also save you time and money by cutting out the need to adjust the light focus points as the tree grows.

Patent# US62/983,388

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  • The slide is what makes it unique as a tree grows wider and taller.
  • The Tree Hugger bracket is made from aluminum to prevent rusting
  • The bracket does not grow into the tree
  • Many uses: tree lighting, speakers, cameras, camping equipment, etc.

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1 review for Tree Hugger – Tree Mounted Light/Bracket

  1. Tony Wright

    The Bracket is Amazing!!!
    My electrical box that holds lights, Cam Camera, Spy Cameras or anything else that has to be powered by electric the Gang box won’t be on the ground……

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