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The Puck – Ground Clamp Socket

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A New Solution for Installing Ground Clamps!

Grounding clamps are used to ensure complete discharge of electricity while servicing or maintenance of electrical power systems in substations. There are many varieties of clamps manufactured by different companies, each with different fastening configurations such as an eye-bolt or a T-handle.

Technicians use screwdrivers or channel lock pliers to tighten the grounding clamps. This sometimes produces a poor contact on the bus because of lack of accessibility. The Puck, when used with a standard 1/2 inch drive socket, provides the proper leverage in limited visibility or access areas, ensuring a proper contact on the bus.

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  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • Multi-purpose – works for eye-bolt and T-handle
  • Fits industry-standard ground clamps
  • Fits common 1/2 inch drive socket wrenches
  • Allows ground clamps to be quickly, easily, and more securely installed in hard-to-get-to places versus screwdrivers or channel-lock pliers
  • Provides proper leverage on short T-handles

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Let’s talk tool belts and work pants!

Speed, efficiency, and safety are everything to a professional electrician. Every electrician knows the importance of having the right tool at the right time. Usually having a toolbox is good enough for quick access to your tools. But, if you need to fix an electrical issue in the ceiling, will you be taking your carrier up the ladder? No, because it will just get in your way. Also, you can’t climb downstairs every time you need a new tool. So, you need an alternative, and that alternative is an electrician tool belt.

Things to keep in mind when looking for a tool belt!

  1. Construction Material – Two of the most common materials are nylon and leather. Leather is great for durability, toughness, and ages well. It is an ideal choice if longevity is your main concern. On the other hand, nylon does hold up pretty good and can certainly take a beating, especially if it has a heavy-duty stitching. However, in case of a break, nylon is cheaper
September 12, 2019|

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