The Ferret Pro – Cable Inspection Tool and Screen – US Only

Part # 99350

If your job requires you to fish wire, this is the best tool investment you will ever make. Regardless of your industry, chances are you’ve needed to get eyes on something where your head wouldn’t fit. The Ferret is small enough to drop in your pocket or tool pouch, and lets you quickly get eyes where you need them most. Imagine checking connections behind a piece of equipment or looking above a ceiling. The included hook and magnet attachments are perfect for wire fishing. With the hook you can navigate right to the wire you want and pull it out. Being able to get eyes inside the wall you are fishing is a game changer.

The Ferret Pro has a 4.3″ color LCD display for clarity of picture allowing you to easily diagnose and spot specific problems.

Kit Includes:

– Conduit adaptor
– Dual USB wall charger
– Micro USB cable
– Battery pack
– Flexible goose neck
– Short rod
– Hook & magnet
– SD card

Mfg Note

This product is only available to US customers.