The Bulldog Original Bender

Part # 78500


The Bulldog Bender is designed and manufactured by an electrician for electricians. Used for bending wires in panels, disconnects, LB’s and wire-ways. The Bulldog Bender will prove to be a valuable tool to add to your arsenal. As with any specialty tool, with practice you will learn how to use the Bender to its full bending potential.

  • The Original and Pro bend up to 500 MCM
  • Available in knurled or smooth dowels
  • Made in the USA
Mfg Note

Model Types Available:

The Original 78500
Pro with Adapter 78501
Three Piece Set (Original Pro with Adaptor) 78502
The Big Daddy Set 78600

Available Dowels:

Knurled (Included)
Smooth (Available by request)