Smart Load 500

Part # 11905

Mfg Note

Due to manufacturing costs, Rack-A-Tiers is unable to offer this product through wholesale distribution. We are helping a fellow inventor and helping electricians find a useful tool. To purchase this product please visit the manufacturers website here:

The Smart Load 500 is an easy to use, portable wire dispensing cart. This versatile cart offers dispensing options for a variety of spool sizes. The dispensing bars even fold up for easy storage. This patented design will surely save you time and effort on the job site, in the warehouse or wherever you need it!

  • Spool Capacity: 24 – #12 or 14 500′ THHN or 15 – #10 500’THHN
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Patent# US10676310B2