Laserline Kit

Part # 83000

The CO2 powered gun shoots a foam dart with a line attached to it up to 200ft. Stop climbing your ladder and moving it every ten feet to pull your wire across a t-bar ceiling. Pull your wire the entire distance in one shot with the Laserline!

Tired of wiggling through a crawl space just to drag your wire to the other end? Fire the Laserline, attach your wire, then walk around and pull it across while standing. It’s that easy!

  • Accurately install a pull line up to 200ft
  • Cuts labor costs and improves production
  • Ability to span over heavy and hard to move objects found in many commercial structures
  • Replacement line and darts available
Mfg Note

The Laserline Kit includes 1 gun, 2 spools of line (1200 ft each), 2 darts, and 2 CO2 cartridges.

Note that the laser does not come out of the barrel of the gun, it comes out of the black piece on top of the barrel.