Electrician’s Kit – 4 Piece Blade Set

Part # H4EMK

Cut quickly and neatly through wood, drywall, plastic, nails and other similar materials.

Includes: 2x Bi-Metal Blades and 2x Wood/Plastic Blades

  • Blade 1: 32mm Bi-Metal Wood and Nails
  • Blade 2: 32mm Coarse Tooth Wood
  • Blade 3: 44mm Bi-Metal Wood and Nails
  • Blade 4: 64mm Coarse Tooth Wood


  • Depth of cut: 42-52mm
  • Great for notching cabinentry
  • Easily remove baseboard for heater installations
  • Bi-Metal blade great for cutting through old wood and nails
  • Quick release shank
  • Fits most brand of multi-tool