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Driller’s Dust Bowl Pro – With Vacuum Adapter

The Driller’s Dust Bowl got upgraded! Now available the Driller’s Dust Bowl Pro equipped with a vacuum adapter.

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  • Easy disposal of debris.
  • Works with hole saws up to 8″.

Driller's Dust Bowl Pro Instructions


Of Dust Bowls and Barristers

I was sitting with a fellow contractor recently, having a drink and just talking about business; when, as it often does with us, the discussion turned to customers that have been a pain. You know the kind we were talking about. The ones that have you waking up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat or make you want to break beer bottles barehanded.

He had been having fits, with one such client and just needed to cry in his beer for a while. As it turned out though I was able give him a little bit of advice that would have helped him avoid the entire issue if he had only known it earlier.

Tale of Woe

The gist of his story was that he had installed some Can Lights for a law firm located in and old converted house with plaster ceilings. That was his biggest mistake, working for lawyers, but anyway. Each of these lights was mounted directly over a desk and as you can

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