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Part #FIB140

1/4″ Fiberfish Attachment Master Pack

Master pack: Includes: (1) FishHook, (1) Directional Tool, (1) Magnet Head, (1) Pull Ring, (1) Ball Chain, and (2) replacement tips, (1) Wisp Head, (1) Screw Tip, and (1) Flex-Fish.
For 1/4″ rods

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Thread the Needle with Fiberfish Attachments

Do you enjoy hitting the lakes, rivers, and streams when you aren’t working? If fishing sounds like your ideal day off, then we have some nifty tools that will remind of your recreation time even when you’re hard at work. A good day of fishing is hard to beat, and a good day of fishing requires the right equipment. Mankind has evolved well beyond a hook on the end of a piece of string. Fiberglass rods, variable lures, and a host of other upgrades have made fishing more of a sport than a matter of survival. When you’re fishing on the job, for wires that is, the right tools make all the difference too!

Electricians have a tough job to do. Crawling into tight spaces, threading wire through wall cavities or passing them through long electrical conduit. Just like fishing on the lake, fishing for these wires is made all better with good tools and equipment. That’s why Rack-A-Tiers carries the best in fish tape and wire guiding attachments

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