• Features:

    • A "Stop" attached to the Bender head used to create exact and repeatable bends every time.
    • Simplified "Multipliers" engraved into the bender for placing the "Stop" prior to making offsets and four-point saddles.
    • Special 22.5 and 45 degree marks engraved into the bender for placement of conduit bend marks as well as standard degree marks for stop placement, used together for bending three-point saddles without reversing the conduit in the shoe.
    • Handy reference charts attached to the handle for locating bend marks.
  • Features:

    • Bends up to 4/0.
    • Shipped with smooth hour glass dowels.
    • Made in USA
  • CircuitIQ – Circuit Mapping System

    $999.00 CAD$1,749.00 CAD


    • Travel less by using multiple mappers simultaneously
    • Map further with our ability to locate at any distance
    • Be 100% accurate using our innovative technology
    • Digitize all of your electrical information with CircuitIQ
  • Smart Load 500

    $1,820.00 CAD


    • Spool Capacity: 24 - #12 or 14 500' THHN or 15 - #10 500'THHN
    • Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.


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