Turn the Lights on with the Help of Your Bulb Caddy

Aside from the tried-and-true knock-knock jokes, there’s nothing more common among jokesters than light-bulb jokes. For example, how many aerospace engineers does it take to change a light bulb? Give up? Well, the answer is none. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to change a light bulb! All joking aside, someone has to change the […]

Psst! Hey Buddy, Come Here and Check Out the Rack Market

Generally speaking, when someone in a trench coat lingering down a dark alley whistles for your attention, we’d advise you keep walking. However, take a walk down the “dark alley” on Rack-A-Tiers and you’ll find a surprise waiting for you. The term “black market” has been around for decades and is used to refer to […]

Show Your Teeth on the Job with the Staple Shark

Even if you’ve never worked in an office a day in your life, we’ve all dealt with staples. Those annoying small bits of metal hold paper together well. When you need those paper separated though, there’s nothing worse than tackling staples without the right tool. Electricians are more than familiar with the pain of stubborn […]

Be a Current Geek with Your Handy Electrical Reference Book

Like many other careers in the trades, electricians cannot simply walk in off the street one day and start running wire. In order to become an electrician, you had to complete training courses and work under a master electrician before you could be considered fully qualified in the position. If you stop to think about […]

Strip Wires with Ease Using a Variety of Copper Wire Strippers

Anyone that works in the electrical field, or even those handymen working in the growing telecommunications field, is familiar with copper wiring. Did you know that copper wiring for building purposes, telecommunications, and electrical work accounts for almost three-quarters of copper use annually? According to Copper.org, that amounts to almost 933,000 tons of copper used […]

Skip the Up-and-Down with a Ladder Mate

With modern tech toys like FitBit literally tracking our every move, people today are encouraged to move around more. These tech inventions track everything from the steps you take in a day to the rhythm of your sleep. While Rack-A-Tiers is certainly in favor of individuals maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are good and bad […]