Shed Light in the Dark with the Bat, Owl Eye, or Fire Fly

While you can expect to conduct most of your daily work during daylight hours, not all jobsites have natural light or electrical hookups right away. Many contractors turn to gas or diesel-powered generators for light in dark spaces, but independent tradespeople don’t have such deep pockets. If you’re running pipes, conduit, or electrical wiring at […]

Feel the Attraction of MagnePull and MagneSpot

When you’re selecting between tools on the job site, you often face a choice between power and precision. In reality though, why should you have to choose? What if you could have power and delicate precision all in one package? The MagnePull and MagneSpot from Rack-A-Tiers deliver extreme power when fishing wires, but also deliver […]

Unleash the Beast on those Pipes with Bulldog Benders

When you have a big job to do on a project requiring the running of copper, aluminum, or other piping, you need only the best tools to get it done. The Bulldog Benders available from Rack-A-Tiers are just the collection of pipe and wire benders you’re looking for. Built tough and sturdy, these products are […]

Turn the Lights on with the Help of Your Bulb Caddy

Aside from the tried-and-true knock-knock jokes, there’s nothing more common among jokesters than light-bulb jokes. For example, how many aerospace engineers does it take to change a light bulb? Give up? Well, the answer is none. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to change a light bulb! All joking aside, someone has to change the […]