Carry it All with Ease on the Caddy Mac

If there’s one thing no one enjoys, it’s hauling around a bunch of stuff. Whether you’re talking about diaper bags and strollers for kids, or all your work equipment on the job site, it’s just not fun or easy. Thankfully, Rack-A-Tiers has you covered once again. Electricians know the pain of hauling around spools upon […]

Avoid being one, by getting one: The Dirt Bag from Rack-A-Tiers

Remember the kid in class during high school that always had one last question? Your teacher was moments away from dismissing the class early, giving you more time to socialize with friends between periods. Before doing so though, the teacher always asked: “are there any more questions?” No doubt there were a few choice words […]

Inventors Corner with Billy Holton – The Top Hat

William “Billy” Holton III, inventor of the Top Hat, has always been an entrepreneur and innovator at heart.  Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, he cites a lifetime of experiences leading to his inventions; working as an electricians’ helper with his father to manufacturing industrial control systems. The idea for the Top Hat came to […]

Protect Your Hearing and Enjoy the Workday with Plugfones!

Hopefully the exclamation point in our title wasn’t necessary for you to hear us, but it makes a nice point. Do you have older relatives you have to shout at because they’ve lost their hearing with age? Surely, you’ve at least noticed how grandparents and older aunts/uncles tend to listen to the television at deafening […]

The Wire Hat and JK Products Stud Reel: Keeping Your Lines Straight

Electricians have a thankless job in many respects. Residents of North America are accustomed to a world in which the lights come on when we flip a switch, the TV is always glowing in the next room, and the fridge is always full of cold beer (OK, food too). Few people think about all the […]

Find Your Center with the GD Center Finder

Never fear Rack-A-Tiers fans, we aren’t going soft on you. Our latest blog post hasn’t suddenly turned to yoga and tantric exercises. Instead, this week we’re talking about the GD Center Finder, a brilliant tool that enables you to quickly and easily mark panels, junction boxes, and other enclosures correctly. Nothing is more frustrating when […]

Keep the Job Site Safe with Sidewinder and Temporary Cable Guard Systems

As we often do, Rack-A-Tiers takes time to point out some of our safety products we offer. While we’re proud of the innovative tools and products we offer tradespeople across North America, we’re concerned about your safety on the job site just as much as you are. The trades keep the economy humming, and workers […]

Introducing the Plugfones from Rack-A-Tiers

Finally, innovative hearing protection that combines comfortable noise reducing earplugs, with high-quality audio speakers. That’s right, the Plugfones are earplugs and headphones all in one, so you can work hard, and rock hard at the same time! These unique earplug tips surpass the quality of traditional earplugs, as they fit securely in your ear without […]

Load Up Easy with the Spool Mule

At Rack-A-Tiers we pride ourselves on offering the tradespeople of North America with the tools and equipment they need to get the job done. For some, this means finding the best drill bits, screwdrivers, and other power tools to get work done faster. For others, such as electricians, it’s about keeping your van, truck, and/or […]