Inventors Corner with Billy Holton – The Top Hat

William “Billy” Holton III, inventor of the Top Hat, has always been an entrepreneur and innovator at heart.  Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, he cites a lifetime of experiences leading to his inventions; working as an electricians’ helper with his father to manufacturing industrial control systems. The idea for the Top Hat came to […]

Product Spotlight – Butt Pouches (Grande, Mini, Papa and Drill)

There are many times when you don’t need to carry all your tools, and a convenient Butt Pouch is just the answer. Simply insert the tough flap of the Butt Pouch into the back pocket of your jeans, and away you go. Rack-A-Tiers manufactures a range of Butt Pouches to suit different needs. Only Carry […]

Ropematic Pro- Pulling’s Never Been Easier

Whether you wish to pull a wire or fish tape through conduit, wall space, under a carpet, beneath subfloors or any other difficult-to-access area, Rack-A-Tiers Ropematic Pro has got you covered. Ropematic Pro is an innovative pulling tool that increases productivity by reducing the time taken to pull wires so you can complete more pulls […]

Product Spotlight – The Aerial Tool Bin Is a Back Saver

Elevated Platform Tool Caddy If you’re an electrician, you have many tools. You probably have multiple toolboxes full of tools, and you likely use several of these tools (at least) on a typical job. For electrical contractors, needing multiple tools is just part of the job. Thanks to the Aerial Tool Bin‘s elevated work platform, […]

The Chip Catcher Makes Picking Up Metal Shavings Easy

When drilling through a piece of metal, it’s impossible to not create lots of metal shavings. If you’re working in your workshop, you might not mind having metal shavings on the ground (even though they seem to get everywhere). If you’re working on an electrical panel, though, you’ll have to clean up all the little […]

Make Carrying Wire Easier — And Take a Seat — With the Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser

Dispensing wire is almost a non-stop task. Lots of jobs require running wire, and that wire must be rolled out from a spool. While this may seem like a simple task, every electrician can attest to the frustration that an inefficient system can cause. At Rack-A-Tiers, we’ve made wire dispensing a science. The Rack-A-Tiers Wire […]

With Rack Rewards, You Get Rewarded for Buying Tools You Already Use

At Rack-a-Tiers, we think it’s important to say “thank you” to our loyal customers. That’s why we’ve created Rack Rewards, a program that rewards contractors and tradespeople for purchasing quality tools that they rely on every day. We know you might need to buy a wire dispenser, tool pouch or wire strippers to do your job. […]

Product Spotlight – Penguin Puller

Although unavoidable on many jobs, pulling wires is one of the more despised tasks that contractors and electricians must do. Pulling a wire isn’t difficult, but it is cumbersome and time consuming. What electrician hasn’t been aggravated at a wire that won’t go through a small hole? It’s this aggravation that prompted the idea of […]

Product Spotlight – Efergy Elite Classic

Last winter many consumers were shocked by steep increases in electricity costs, and if the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan is adopted, it’s likely that power utility bills will increase even further. An analysis of the impact of the proposed bill is that many consumers could see their electricity costs increase between 12 and […]