The Paddy Wagon Is Coming to Your Town

The Paddy Wagon
The Paddy Wagon is heading your way.


This just in! Sightings of a 1920s Paddy Wagon have been reported at Electrical Distributors across North America. Witnesses say that the white van had “black and yellow” markings on it and two friendly, but innovative, looking gangsters locked up in the back.

Police are warning Electrical Contractors and Distributors to be on the lookout for great deals, hot dogs and burgers, and genius products at tool shows hosted by the van’s owners, Rack-A-Tiers Mfg Inc.

We’re Putting on Shows across North America

But seriously, all jokes aside, we at Rack-A-Tiers have just released one of our greatest inventions yet – the Rack-A-Tiers Paddy Wagon!

We are driving this bad boy across the continent with our capable sales reps, stopping in at as many distributors as possible. The Paddy Wagon is carrying all of our innovative tools and devices, allowing you to get a first-hand look at them and test them out yourself.


Tools Everywhere
It's a trade show on wheels.

Come Hang Out. Grab a Bite.

We’ll have the BBQ fired up with dogs and burgers on the grill. Come by for a bite to eat and to talk tools – or just use it as an excuse to leave the job site. Either way, you’ll be welcomed.

We’ll keep the schedule and routes posted here, so check back often to see if we’re coming by your town. We’d love to meet you and hear your opinion on what we should be inventing next!

The Paddy Wagon will be traveling through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada from September 20 until late 2011.


September 13 @ Lumen (Anjou)

September 28 @ Liteco (Kentville)

September 28 @ Liteco (Bridgewater)

October 3 @ Graybar (Halifax)

October 4 @ Liteco (Saint John)

October 27 @ Liteco (Truro)

October 27 @ WESCO (Dartmouth)

6 thoughts on “The Paddy Wagon Is Coming to Your Town

  1. Mac Cayne says:

    We would like to be included in one of your stops. Please let us know if that would be possible & let us know as much in advance as you can so that we can send out flyers to our contractors. We normally send out flyers & then follow up with phone calls. All of your “open houses” have been sucessfully attended. With your extensive array of products, we are sure our contractors would attend (& buy).

    • Curtis says:

      Thanks for the great comments! Right now, the Paddy Wagon is only touring Canada. We are trying to work out the logistics with customs to get it down to the USA next year sometime.

      We will certainly let you know if it is going to be in your area!

  2. brian yemen says:


    This Van may want to make a stop at our OEL annual conference in May. We have approx 400 delegates all Electricians and mainly company owners.

    • Clayton says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for the suggestion. I will mark down the request and our rep in your area, Steve Collins, may be able to bring it by if the schedule allows for it.

  3. Brad says:

    I would love to see an update on your Paddy Wagon location! I have recently entered the trade, and we use a couple of your products around the shop. I’ve found a couple more on your website, but I’m having a hard time finding a spot that carries a lot of your products(I see your driver bits everywhere, but not much else). Any idea when the Paddy Wagon will be headed back West(Calgary area)?

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