Let’s Talk Cable Benders

What do your electrical panels look like? 



Cable bending is a discipline for electrician’s that may seem easy enough to comprehend, but professional electrician’s know can get quite nuanced when working with various types of cables, environments, conditions, and even cable bending tools. In this piece, we’re going to break it down for you as simple as we can in by providing you with the most up-to-date information about this highly contentious topic among electrical professionals like yourself. Don’t believe me? Just scroll through the comments in our Instagram posts and you’ll quickly learn that this is not a settled matter. So buckle up and strap in, because we’re going to dive as deep as we possibly can on this hotly debated topic.

If you’ve studied your electrical handbook diligently, you would know that there’s a multitude of cables  to choose from, all with various purposes and very specific uses. For this discussion, we’re mainly going to focus on 500mcm cables often found in electrical panels. Have you ever heard the phrase “wrestling the 500’s”? This heavy duty, high capacity cable is not to be trifled with and could easily make your job a bit of a nightmare if you don’t have the proper tools with you or have cultivated the proper technique for dealing these finicky cables. Here are some examples of some awful 500 mcm cable installations to demonstrate how things could go wrong very quickly. We’re starting with “the ugly” so brace yourself.

Things to consider when bending cable.


If you’ve ever had to bend cable or pvc pipe during cold temperatures, chances are the elbow grease you’re putting in is not sufficient enough.

Right Tools

Having the right cable bending tool for every situation (size, environment)


Statistically speaking, you’re more than likely encounter a challenging situation due to certain constraints.


The Bulldog Cable Bender Series

Bending Made Easy with the Bulldog Bender

The Bulldog Bender is designed and manufactured by an electrician for electricians. Used for bending wires in panels, disconnects, LB’s and wire-ways. The Bulldog Bender will prove to be a valuable tool to add to your arsenal. As with any specialty tool, with practice you will learn how to use the Bender to its full bending potential.

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