Product Spotlight Video: The Javelin

This Single Drill Extension Reaches 2″ to 10′ or Any Length in Between!

Have you ever needed a drill bit or hole saw that reaches just a little farther? Most contractors have. Luckily, you can now have a single drilling extension that reaches from 2” to 10’ and every length in between.

Important – the above is not a typo. We really do mean from two inches up to TEN FEET!

The Javelin Fully Adjustable Drill Extension
The Javelin reaches any length you want from 2" to 10'.

Introducing, The Javelin from Rack-A-Tiers – a fully adjustable, single drilling extension tool that extends to any desired length between 2” and 10’.

The Javelin can extend a driver bit, nut driver, drill bit, hole saw, or any other device with a 1/4″ hex shaft to literally any length you want up to 10’.

Click to watch the video!

How Does It Work?

The genius behind The Javelin is its simplicity and ease of use. The Javelin kit includes two arbors that screw tightly to each end of a 3/8” piece of threaded rod (also known as “all thread” or “ready rod”).

At one end, you can attach your hole saw or other drilling device. At the other end, you can attach your power drill.

You then have strong and durable drilling extension ready in less than a couple minutes.

Drill Any Length between 2” and 10’

Javelin Drill Extension
Works with several bit types and keeps them tight!

As you all know, 3/8” threaded rod can be found all over most job sites. It is also easy to find at any wholesaler or hardware store. This is why we designed The Javelin to use 3/8” threaded rod as its extension shaft.

This gives you the ability to cut a piece of threaded rod to whatever length you need at that moment for that specific job. You then simply attach the two pieces of The Javelin along with your hole saw or other drilling device and you are ready to go.


Both Ends Stay Tight and Do Not De-Thread as You Reverse

The Javelin has counteracting nuts at each end which keep the entire device tight and prevents the threaded rod from de-threading when you drill in reverse.

Drill through Multiple Studs or Joists

Save tons of time by drilling through multiple studs or joists in a single action. When doing this, make a pencil mark on all the studs or joists to help aim your drill and keep the resulting holes aligned.

What Does The Javelin Kit Include?

Javelin Kit Contents
Everything you need to extend most drilling devices.

The Javelin comes with a drill chuck connector, a 1/4″ hex arbor, and a hole saw arbor. It also comes with the appropriate jam nuts needed for locking and some 3/8″-16 threaded rod to get you started. The kit comes in a convenient, portable, and very small carrying case.

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