The Wire Hat and JK Products Stud Reel: Keeping Your Lines Straight

Electricians have a thankless job in many respects. Residents of North America are accustomed to a world in which the lights come on when we flip a switch, the TV is always glowing in the next room, and the fridge is always full of cold beer (OK, food too). Few people think about all the work an electrician went through to wire up a home or office. Even fewer realize how frustrating the job can be trying to manage all that wire.

The best comparison for an Average Joe would be the seasonal untangling of Christmas lights during the holidays. You know the deal. The lights were haphazardly stored away after the New Year. Now you have to try and unwind all that mess. It never goes easy. Now you know how electricians feel! Well, electricians are getting hand, or tip of the hat, courtesy of Rack-A-Tiers.

The Wire Hat is a slick, simple new product we offer for purchase that makes it easy to keep your wires housed properly throughout the work day. The Wire Hat works with various coil dispensers to perform a much-needed task. When combined with a product like the JK Products Stud Reel, you’ll be unstoppable the next time you’re rewiring or wiring a new build.

Tip of the Hat, The Wire Hat that is

There’s nothing flashy about the Wire Hat. It’s a simple product available for purchase that keeps wire from unspooling on a stud or floor-mounted coil dispenser. Whether you have a long extension cord spooled or electrical wiring you’re running on a big commercial job, the Wire Hat is a perfect fit.

The Wire Hat works with almost all sizes and types of coil dispensers due to its 18” design. Not only does the Wire Hat prevent unspooling, it can also serve as a separator on a multi-wire spool. You can stack multiple sets of coils quickly on a single dispenser, separating each layer with a Wire Hat. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with snags, unwanted spooling, or worse, re-spooling.

So, what products is the Wire Hat best with? We’re glad you asked! The JK Products Stud Reel is a perfect example of a partner for the Wire Hat.

Meet this Stud: JK Products Foldable Stud Reel

When you need to get setup quickly and easily on the job site, the JK Products Foldable Stud Reel better be in your work van or truck! This foldable stud reel opens easily, and quickly slides onto any stud wall. There is a rotational wire guide so you can pull wire in any direction you need while working. The raised sides prevent the wire from spilling over, and the stud reel offers the following additional features:

  • 2 optional sizes: 2×4 stud and 2×6 stud
  • 100 lb capacity
  • Works with 14-2, 14-3, 12-2, and 12-3 wire

The JK Products Foldable Stud Reel is a great choice on its own that is even better with a Wire Hat on top. Not only will you eliminate twisting and kinking of wires, you can also prevent unspooling and store more wire on one spool with these two products.

It’s About Saving Time

There’s nothing flashy or advanced about the Wire Hat or JK Products Stud Reel (or their other reels). The goal of both is to save you time on the job site. Stop wasting time unkinking wires that don’t unspool properly. Stop wasting time re-spooling wires that have unspun themselves from your reels. The Wire Hat can save you time and frustration on the job site. You might even find it helpful in streamlining your wire management.

Get Both at Rack-A-Tiers

At Rack-A-Tiers, we’ve got you covered. Whatever you need to get the job done right, and get it done fast, we’ve got. There are more JK Products on our wire management page, and don’t forget to look at our innovative products for new tools to help you out on the job site!

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