Find Your Center with the GD Center Finder

Never fear Rack-A-Tiers fans, we aren’t going soft on you. Our latest blog post hasn’t suddenly turned to yoga and tantric exercises. Instead, this week we’re talking about the GD Center Finder, a brilliant tool that enables you to quickly and easily mark panels, junction boxes, and other enclosures correctly. Nothing is more frustrating when you’re trying to work than wasting time trying to figure out the installment of vertical wiring into an electrical enclosure.

With the GD Center Finder, you won’t have to worry about wasting any more time guessing. No more trying it once, finding out you’re just a bit off, and starting all over again. From now on you can get the job done right the first time, every time. Let’s learn more about the GD Center Finder, available now from Rack-A-Tiers.

What is the GD Center Finder?

The GD Center Finder is a simple tool that allows you to mark panels, junction boxes, and other similar electrical enclosures. The key to its greatness is the fact that you quickly find the correct spot where your conduit needs to enter the enclosure. All you have to do is level off the middle of the GDC and mark your two points of reference. This part is critical because it allows you to easily transfer those measurements.

With your measurements marked off, you can take the GDC to the surface of the electrical enclosure you’re working with to drill holes or punch out conduit entrance points. The GDC works on common trade sizes from ½” to 4”, across EMT, RMC, IMC, PVC, SCH40 & SCH80. It’s a lightweight tool that is easy to take around from one job to the next. The notched design of the back allows you to get closer measurements against any obstruction.

A Deeper Look at the GDC

Overall, the goal of the GDC isn’t just to give you a more accurate reference point. When you’re installing conduit, you’re doing a lot of work. New wiring or rewiring takes time, and anything that can save you time is A-OK in our book. The GDC is designed to be incredibly simple on purpose. You won’t have to read a training manual or spend days or weeks figuring out how to use it properly on the job site.

Everything you learned as an apprentice electrician has already prepared you to use the GD Center Finder. Here’s a quick rundown of the GDC in action with a typical commercial installation as an example:

  • Pop the GD Center Finder on the top of each conduit pipe. It is easy to level on any pipe size, such as those mentioned above.
  • Once level, take your initial measurements on the conduit and then go to your junction box surface.
  • With each conduit pipe you take individual measurements for the junction box holes you’ll need.
  • Mark off each measurement on the surface of the junction box or other electrical enclosure.

From there, it’s as easy as punching out the proper openings or drilling your holes. The GD Center Finder removes all guesswork from the process. Better than that, it speeds up the process for you. Not only will you do less guesswork, you’ll be doing less repeat work. With the GD Center Finder, your measurements are right the first time. For a quick video on the time saving benefits and ease-of-use for the GDC, click here.

Get the GD Center Finder

Rack-A-Tiers is proud to sell the GD Center Finder to electricians across North America. While we’ve touted the time-saving benefits of the GDC in this post, it’s important to remember this tool is also about professionalism. You don’t want to waste time eyeballing your conduit openings. No one’s ever interested in repeating the same steps time and again to get the measurements right. The GDC offers a way to save time, but it also provides a clean, professional finish.

When you use the GD Center Finder during installation, you can rest easy knowing your electrical work is done with the greatest accuracy. In the end, you save time while also completing a job with the utmost professionalism in the finished product.

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