Load Up Easy with the Spool Mule

At Rack-A-Tiers we pride ourselves on offering the tradespeople of North America with the tools and equipment they need to get the job done. For some, this means finding the best drill bits, screwdrivers, and other power tools to get work done faster. For others, such as electricians, it’s about keeping your van, truck, and/or worksite tidy with spool systems. While clean and easy wire dispensing is great, what about re-spooling?

It’s not like you pull out the right amount of wire every single time. Sometimes you just pull too much and want to wind it up. You could turn a crank manually or just wrap it up by hand, but does that sound like a lot of fun? Didn’t think so. That’s why we have the Spool Mule to make the job easier. Never heard of it? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re about to give you a quick look at this innovative new product from Rack-A-Tiers.

Let the Mule Carry the Load

OK, this isn’t the type of mule you load up with equipment and trust to carry the weight. You have a sturdy truck or reliable van for that job. Don’t overlook this mule though, because it can still put in a hard day’s work. The Spool Mule is a remarkably simple tool that you can use with equipment you already have on hand.

The purpose of the Spool Mule is simple. It gives you the power to quickly and easily recoil wire, conduit, rope, and cables when the work day is done. No more rolling it up by hand or turning a manual crank. All you need is a drill, ¾” conduit, and the Spool Mule kit and you’re ready to go. What’s in the kit?

Well, each Spool Mule from Rack-A-Tiers includes a ¾” conduit-to-drill attachment so you can re-spool any wires or cables. You also get 2 Spool Mule brackets so you can set up the spool and get ready to re-spool all of your cables. All that’s left to do is attach your drill and away you go. Crank up the drill and watch the Spool Mule do all the hard work for you in a snap. It’s worth mentioning though, the Spool Mule kit does not come with ¾” conduit, only the conduit-to-drill attachment piece.

Role of the Spool Mule

After you’ve run electrical conduit all day, spooled out cable, or wired up a house, your collection of spools might look empty and disheveled. At the very least, you have a lot of cable and wiring lying around! Cleaning all of that up isn’t exactly going to be at the top of your fun list. Fun or not, it has to get done though before you can go! If you’ve got a drill and the Spool Mule kit, you’ll be done in no time.

All you have to do is hook up your spools to the Spool Mule brackets, one on either side of the spool. Connect the conduit-to-drill attachment to your power drill, and away you go. Crank it up and the Spool Mule starts the spool rolling up the wire so you can clean up faster and go home sooner. This isn’t just about cleaning up though.

Maybe you have a broken spool in the warehouse, van, or on the jobsite. Rather than manually transferring all of your cable, wire, conduit, or rope to a new spool, let the Spool Mule do it. The process works the same, and before you know it you’ve got your wires and cables all ready to go for the next job.

Speed and Efficiency

We can’t emphasize enough the value of Rack-A-Tiers tools. We know what tradespeople do to keep North America humming, and we appreciate it. Our job is to put the right tools in your hands to get things done faster. The Spool Mule is just one of many tools from Rack-A-Tiers that can make life easier at work.

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