Lock it Down Tight with the Locknut Wrench

Few things are more frustrating than a screw, bolt, or locknut that is ratcheted down too tightly. While this is a necessary evil in some cases, it’s a total pain to deal with when you need to remove it. Complicating matters even further are tight spaces. Have you ever tried to twist your screwdriver to just the right angle to reach a screw? Or had to find the proper way to get your wrench onto a nut or bolt? These are annoyances that tradespeople and Average Joes alike deal with every day.

Fortunately for both there are tools designed to make life just a little bit easier. Rack-A-Tiers prides itself on providing tradespeople and working stiffs with tools that are easy to use. Don’t mistake this ease of use with cheaply made though. Our tools are all well thought out, and made from the strongest materials possible so you get the best of both worlds. You’ll work quicker and your tools will last longer. Don’t believe us? Check out the Locknut Wrench as one prime example.

Meet the Locknut Wrench

Available with a patent-pending design, the Locknut Wrench for sale through Rack-A-Tiers. The Locknut Wrench might look simple, but it’s far from useless. The design allows you to easily tighten locknuts, and quickly loosen them. With a slim design, you can access the tightest spaces and work faster on any job.

You get access to those tighter spaces courtesy of the offset ends. You’ll notice a curve on each end of the wrench for gripping locknuts. While the average wrench has a full semi-circle or greater, the Locknut Wrench has half that. There’s a reason for this design though. With less bulk, you can reach more easily into those tight spaces. One end of the Locknut Wrench is used to tighten and the other to loosen.

Both ends are labeled for their function and have arrows indicating turn direction to achieve that function. The Locknut Wrench is available in three different sizes, which are indicated clearly on the handle of the wrench. Best of all, as you’ll also notice on the handle, these wrenches are proudly made from durable steel in the USA.

Why Steel Matters

Walk through the average Home Depot or Lowes, and you’ll find a variety of tools manufactured from different materials. Most are manufactured from a type of carbon alloy steel known as tool steel. If you want the complete and total rundown on tool steel, feel free to visit Metal Supermarkets. In the meantime, we’re happy to point out some of the benefits of tool steel in production.

First and foremost, tool steel’s carbon alloy is ideal for hand tools because it offers hardness and resistance to abrasion. What does this mean for you? This means your tool will be able to keep up with you on the job site. Even better, you won’t be constantly replacing your tools with a newer version because these are built to last.

There are six popular grades of tool steel used to produce items such as the Locknut Wrench. These include:

  • W-Grades: Water hardening for high carbon steel that achieves high hardness, but can be brittle. Ideal for cutting tools and knives.
  • A-Grades: Air hardening provides great machinability during production with a reliable balance of wear resistance and toughness. Ideal for cams, die bending, chipper knives, woodworking knives, and lathe center knives.
  • D-Grades: D-type steel combines abrasion resistance with the characteristics of A-Grade steels. Ideal for use in burnishing tools, file cutting, rotary slitters, and knurling tools.
  • O-Grades: Oil hardening is a general purpose approach that offers abrasion resistance and toughness across numerous applications. Great for arbors, bushing, and thread cutting.
  • S-Grades: Shock resisting types of steel have incredible toughness but low abrasion resistance. Jackhammer heads are common S-Grade steel type.
  • H-Grades: Finally, hot-working has added strength and hardness for prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures during work conditions. Used for die casting dies, cores for Zinc and Aluminum.

We’ve Got You Covered

When you need the right tool for a faster job, Rack-A-Tiers has you covered. From the Locknut Wrench to countless other tools, when you need to get the job done quick, but right, turn to our variety of impressive tools.

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