Feel the Attraction of MagnePull and MagneSpot

When you’re selecting between tools on the job site, you often face a choice between power and precision. In reality though, why should you have to choose? What if you could have power and delicate precision all in one package? The MagnePull and MagneSpot from Rack-A-Tiers deliver extreme power when fishing wires, but also deliver delicate control to fish wire through walls and even insulation.

Few things are as frustrating as fishing wire. You want to do this kind of job with speed, but precision counts. Thanks to the MagnePull, you get the best of both worlds. And before you drill a single hole to start running lines for wiring, the MagneSpot gives you the precision the job demands. If you work exclusively with wiring, you need these tools in your box.

The Magnetic Wire Snake – MagnePull

Nobody ever said it was easy, or convenient snaking wire through walls and insulation. Easy or not though, it’s a job that has to be done. The MagnePull is a magnetic wire snake that makes it quicker and easier to snake wires through walls. The improved magnets in this next-generation model of the MagnePull are even more powerful than the original, which means you can also snake wire through insulation!

MagnePull is powerful, but simple in terms of its design. It features a hand roller with a powerful magnet and a smooth finish, which helps you avoid damaging any walls. There’s a 6’ jack chain included so you can fish any type of wire through behind walls and through insulation. The flexible leader chain has a strong magnetic head, so you’ll never lose it behind the wall.

Best of all, the MagnePull is no one-trick pony. Worried about the location of studs? Well, you’re in luck if the MagnePull in your tool box. The powerful magnet also makes it a great stud finder, especially if you’re working on a site with metal studs in the building. Want to see the MagnePull’s power and accuracy in action? Check out our product video!

Get Your Bearings Straight – MagneSpot

When precision counts, the MagneSpot can help you accurately line up drilling holes through various surfaces. Drilling between drywall in separate rooms? No problem. Drilling into concrete block and foundation? MagneSpot can tackle that too. The MagneSpot is a reference point locator that gives you complete confidence before you drill, cut, or punch any hole while working. Why blindly line up holes when you can do so with precision?

The MagnePull comes with two separate devices. The MagneSpot transmitter is placed on the wall, ceiling, floor, or other surface you’re cutting into. On the other side of that surface you hold the receiver, aiming in the general direction of the transmitter. There are a set of four arrows on the receiver. Initially, these will indicate the direction you need to move in to line up with the transmitter. As you get closer, more arrows will begin to light up. Once all four arrows light up, the transmitter and receiver are within ½ inch of each other.

You don’t have to work blindly anymore or toil away measuring over and over to drill or cut accurate holes. The MagneSpot does all the hard work for you, and even goes through concrete with ease. Don’t believe us? Check out the MagneSpot in action in this product video!

It’s All About Speed and Precision

Have you seen the new John Deere commercials where they plug their powerful new mowers by reminding consumers, “it’s not how well you mow, it’s how well you mow fast.” Well, you can drill holes and fish wire accurately without MagneSpot and MagnePull, but you can’t do it fast. With two simple tools, your workday can go a lot smoother!

Complete Your Tool Box

Rack-A-Tiers is proud to offer North America’s electricians, HVAC specialists, and general contractors the tools they need to get the job done right, and get it done with precision. Add the MagneSpot and MagnePull to your tool box today!

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