Keep the Jobsite Clean with Help from Rack-A-Tiers

From the moment you were a little kid, your parents always harped on you about cleaning up after yourself. Leave a toy in the hallway? Clean it up! Walk away from the dinner table without addressing your dishes? Clean it up! You might not be a kid any longer, but you probably still have a responsibility to clean up after yourself. Well, at least on the jobsite anyway. It’s none of our business what your home looks like!

Customers can deal with dust and mess as a result of progress on various projects, but once the work is done they all expect a clean home or office left behind. Rather than dragging around bargain trash bags and paper towels, let Rack-A-Tiers give you a hand cleaning up the mess. From Racky Wipes and Pop Open Small Garbage Cans to our drop sheets and the Exploding Garbage Can, we have the affordable products you need to clean up quickly.

Racky Wipes to the Rescue

There’s nothing fancy about the Racky Wipes from Rack-A-Tiers, and we’re OK with that. Nobody ever said wipes, paper towels, or clothes had to be fancy. They just have to get the job done, and that’s what Racky Wipes do. These affordable clothes are made from recycled t-shirt rags, so you’re both keeping the jobsite clean and protecting the environment by reducing paper towel waste. All Racky Wipes are packed in vacuum sealed bags, so they’re clean and ready to use when you get them.

The 4×6 Drop Sheet

Again, if you’re looking for fancy you’ve come to the wrong place. The drop sheet from Rack-A-Tiers is ideal for covering larger spaces before you work. If the Racky Wipes are great for spot cleaning, the drop sheet can help you avoid the need to spot clean over a larger space. You can even use the drop sheet in your van so you can mix paints on site or just toss your junk in the back before you leave for the day.

Each 4×6 drop sheet is made of 100% cotton and has tear-resistant edges. Go ahead, make a mess!

Garbage Cans

Got a small job and no garbage can to keep things clean as you go? The Pop Open Small Garbage Can from Rack-A-Tiers is your ideal solution. The reusable garbage can folds flat for easy hauling and storage in your van or work truck. When needed, it quickly pops open to a size of 9” x 7.5” x 10”. But wait, this garbage can is more than a junk collector. While you’re busy bending pipes and cutting off excess, you can reference the pipe bending guide on the site. Installing wiring? You’re in luck here too! The Pop Open Small Garbage bag has the Ohms Law Wheel defining the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance for quick reference while you’re wiring.

Facing a bigger mess? We’ve got you covered there too! The Exploding Garbage Can springs into action when you need it on the jobsite! A collapsible trash container with an inner support spring quickly explodes to a full size of 19” by 24” when you need it, and collapses to a miniscule 1 ½” x 24” size when you don’t need it. The Exploding Garbage Can is made of heavy duty, tear resistant polytuf so you can use it again and again on the job.

Save Time and Money

What’s the best feature of all these Rack-A-Tier’s products? First and foremost, you’ll save time on the jobsite with these easy-to-use cleaning products. Don’t worry about bringing roll after roll of paper towels or dragging around plastic tubs. Racky Wipes are clean and ready for use, and reusable from one job to the next. The drop sheet keeps vans and jobsites clean, and can also be cleaned for reuse. Forget wasting space on tubs. Our pop-up cans make it easy to haul around garbage cans without taking up all your space.

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