Two Tools are Better than One: The Croc’s Wire Stripper and V-Cutter

If someone offered you brisket and BBQ ribs at a company picnic, would you really limit yourself to one or the other? When it comes to the tools you use on the jobsite, why limit yourself to one specific tool when you can have two and get the job done faster. In fact, what if those two tools could be combined into one super tool giving you the power to get wiring jobs done in a flash?!

OK, we may be going overboard a bit here. But in fairness, we’re only doing so to make a valid point. The Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Strippers and the V-Cutter are the perfect combination for any electrician. Use them together, or just stick to the Croc’s, but whatever you do, don’t settle for just one tool and twice the time to complete a job. Get both tools today from Rack-A-Tiers and be prepared for any job!

The Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Strippers

The Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Strippers are often referred to as the best set of wire strippers money can buy. We already believe these wire strippers and the V-Cutter are a match made in heaven, but wait till you hear all the uses of the Croc’s. This handy little tool is designed to make wire stripping easier, and keep you productive on the jobsite.

Each Croc has a needle nose tip for easier access into tight spaces. The tip has a stripper that’s perfect for NMSC and is easy to use inside boxes. The Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Stripper can be sued with conductor sizes from #10 down to #22 AWG for those who work with telephone wire. There’s a large cutting blade that makes general-purpose cuts easier and faster. The barrel sleeve crimper near the pivot offers a pinch point, and the “hourglass” shape of the handles is ergonomic. Not only is it easier on your hands and wrists to use the Crocs, it’s faster and more comfortable too!

The V-Cutter

While the Croc’s is a great product capable of stripping and crimping wire in tight spaces, sometimes you need to move fast and strip longer lengths of wire. This is where the V-Cutter comes in handy. The V-Cutter is a simple tool that attaches to most wire strippers, like the Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Strippers, and makes it easier to strip cable and wire in a single swipe.

The V-design of the blades makes it easy to guide the NMSC cable into the blade housing, and simply run the V-Cutter down the length of cable. This design virtually eliminates any concern over nicking and cutting wire insulators inside the cable.


NMSC Cable

You may have noticed that both the Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Stripper and V-Cutter are designed for use with NMSC cabling. It’s a good thing they are! Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable, or NMSC (also known popularly as Romex after the major brand), has been used in the vast majority of homes built in the last half century. NMSC cable includes the non-metallic sheath, that houses two or more insulated wires (and usually a ground wire) inside for safety. When you need to strip that sheath away, precision and speed count.

All too often it’s a struggle to strip NMSC sheaths with a standard wire stripper. In many cases, it’s too easy to pinch the interal wires or even cut into them as well. The Croc’s gives you control in tight spaces, but the V-Cutter makes stripping that sheathing away down long lengths easy and fast!

Streamline Your Work Today

Apart from one another, these tools are both essential to your tool kit or bag. Together, they give you the speed and precision to get any wire stripping job done quickly and accurately. Use the Croc’s Needle Nose Wire Stripper for small jobs in tight spaces, and strip long lengths of wire in a flash with the V-Cutter. After all, why settle for one when two is better?!

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