Psst! Hey Buddy, Come Here and Check Out the Rack Market

Generally speaking, when someone in a trench coat lingering down a dark alley whistles for your attention, we’d advise you keep walking. However, take a walk down the “dark alley” on Rack-A-Tiers and you’ll find a surprise waiting for you. The term “black market” has been around for decades and is used to refer to the illegal trade of certain items. Specifically defined, it means “an illegal traffic or trade in officially controlled or scarce commodities.”

When you think of black market, think of rip-off iPhones in China or toilet paper in Venezuela. The Rack Market is our playful twist on the concept of a black market. On this corner of our webpage you won’t find anything illegal or officially controlled, but the items for sale here are scarce. Take a walk down a shady alley with us and explore the Rack Market from Rack-A-Tiers.

What is the Rack Market?

The Rack Market from Rack-A-Tiers is the secret spot in town where you’ll find the best deals on tools and equipment. In this particular corner of the web you’ll find sample products, overstocks, discontinued items, and anything else that falls from the back of our gangster’s trucks.

Rack-A-Tiers uses the Rack Market strictly to help move out-of-catalog and slow selling items. Our selection of tools and equipment in the Market is ever-evolving. Many of the items were low stock to begin with, so what you see is what we’ve got. If you’re looking for a deal on tools, the Rack Market is the place to shop now!

Featured Items in the Market

The Lumber Lok is the perfect tool for any carpenter or tradesman. It offers you 12 tools in one steel vise, so you can measure and accurate cut lumber in 11 different sizes including:

  • 1×4
  • 1×6
  • 2×2
  • 2×4
  • 2×6
  • 2×8
  • 2×10
  • 2×12
  • 4×4
  • 4×6
  • 4×8

The Lumber Lok allows you to take quick measurements, draw straight lines, and elevate lumber off the floor. This means you’ll get straight, accurate cuts and be able to drill holes to finish your lumber projects faster.

A tradesman is only as good as the tools in his hand. And all good tradesman need a reliable level at some point. The Straight Shot Level is a simple, yet effective tool you’ll want in your bag. It comes equipped with three precision vials for 0 degree, 45 degree, and 90 degree leveling. It features super-strong magnets to hold the level in place while you mark cuts, so you’ll make the right cut every time.

You won’t find our Laserline CO2 gun on the Rack Market, but you will find affordable pricing on replacement parts to use with it. You can purchase a 3-pack of Laserline Replacement Darts in case you lose or otherwise damage the originals. We also sell Laserline Replacement Pull Line for use with our Laserline CO2 gun so you always have enough guideline for the next wiring job you work on.

Everything You’re Looking for, All in One Place

The Rack Market has more than overstock items and replacement parts for popular tools and equipment. Take a closer look and you’ll find a selection of discontinued items, new-and-testing products, and even refurbished items. If you’re just starting out in the trades, sometimes it’s easier to spend less money upfront and buy refurbished parts for your equipment to save a buck.

Maybe you’re a veteran of the trades and you simply have to have your preferred tools, equipment, and parts. Well, if your favorites have since been discontinued, you might find what you’re looking for in our discontinued section. We’ve got everything from drill bits and hole cutters to tools and reference books in there, so take a look!

Do you have an open mind? Consider yourself a cutting-edge professional? Well, our new-and-testing section has some of the latest products from the Rack-A-Tiers lineup that haven’t made it into our full catalog just yet.

Whether you’re killing time or looking for a deal, head over to the Rack Market. You never know what you might find!

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