Turn the Lights on with the Help of Your Bulb Caddy

Aside from the tried-and-true knock-knock jokes, there’s nothing more common among jokesters than light-bulb jokes. For example, how many aerospace engineers does it take to change a light bulb? Give up? Well, the answer is none. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to change a light bulb! All joking aside, someone has to change the bulbs when they go out. That’s why Rack-A-Tiers offers the Bulb Caddy.

There’s nothing enjoyable about going up and down the ladder. It’s no fun reaching into dusty sockets for burnt out lights. However, regardless of the joy involved, someone has to do the job. The next time you have to change a light, wouldn’t you like the job to go faster? With the help of our Bulb Caddy, it can.

What’s a Bulb Caddy?

The Bulb Caddy from Rack-A-Tiers can’t suggest a club off the tee or read the break on the green for you. However, the Bulb Caddy can lend you a helping hand on the jobsite. Whether you’re installing new light bulbs after construction or replacing burnt out bulbs, this caddy is the hand you need.

Stop wasting time going up and down the ladder as you move from one light fixture to the next. The Bulb Caddy is so simple it’s almost laughable. You simply attach the caddy to the side of your ladder, and you can clamp in as many as four bulbs at a time. The caddy is made with 10 lbs of XLPE foam, and will not only save time and money, but avoid the dangers of broken bulbs.

The Danger of Fluorescent Tube Lights

When you’re changing out light bulbs, dropping one and breaking it is annoying under the best of circumstances. In the worst case scenario, a broken fluorescent tube can actually be dangerous to your health. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury dust in many cases, and it’s extremely dangerous to inhale this toxin. Mercury isn’t particularly dangers to the touch because it doesn’t absorb through skin.

While the average fluorescent bulb only contains 3 to 5 milligrams of mercury, the thought of breaking one isn’t pleasant. Regardless of the type of bulbs you’re replacing and/or installing, a broken light bulb is lost work time. You have to stop what you’re doing, get off the ladder, and deal with cleaning up the mess first. The Bulb Caddy can help by providing a sure set of hands on the ladder.

What is XLPE Foam?

The Bulb Caddy is made of XLPE foam, which is a shorter name for cross-linked polyethylene foam. This time of foam is used in a variety of construction and trade projects. Examples include thermal insulation, expansion joints, and industrial gaskets. There are also applications outside of construction for this type of foam. Due to its buoyancy and resistance to rot, it is often used in floatation equipment.

XLPE foam is a resilient product that is extremely strong and absorbs a good deal of shock. This fine-celled foam is often cut thick and has other benefits such as resistance to mildew, mold, and bacteria. Best of all, it’s nontoxic and contains no CFCs, HCFCs, or hydrocarbon.

Save Time, Bring Your Bulb Caddy

The next time the boss sends you through the building changing light bulbs, don’t forget your Bulb Caddy. The caddy can hold numerous tube sizes, so it’s perfect for any job you run up against. More important than the convenience of the Bulb Caddy is the time you’ll save, and the safety you’ll enjoy.

Running up and down a ladder all day only increases your risk of injury on the job. With a Bulb Caddy on your ladder, you can bring the bulbs with you and know they’re being held firm. You’ll also save time running up and down that ladder multiple times. You can set your bulbs, and just move the ladder from one light fixture to the next. It’s that easy!

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