Be a Current Geek with Your Handy Electrical Reference Book

Like many other careers in the trades, electricians cannot simply walk in off the street one day and start running wire. In order to become an electrician, you had to complete training courses and work under a master electrician before you could be considered fully qualified in the position. If you stop to think about it, that fact makes sense given the daily dangers electricians face on the job site.

The National Electrical Code in the United States was originally published in 1897, and has been updated ever since that time roughly every three years. The code is about 1,000 pages long and far too much for any one individual to remember from front to back. That’s why there are handy guides that offer you the information you need. Current Geek is a handy electrical reference guide you can take on any job and slip in your work bag.

What’s the Current Geek?

That’s a simple question to answer really. Do you feel like memorizing all of the information in the National Electrical Code? We didn’t think so. The Current Geek isn’t a replacement for the code itself, but instead offers you a compact and quick reference guide. The book itself is just 80 pages long, and has a wide variety of helpful charts, useful tips, informative diagrams, and key electrical information.

It’s not mandatory in any scenario to have the Current Geek, but it sure does come in handy. Inside you’ll find multiple sizing charts, with quick and easy-to-understand descriptions for electrical coding and other information. Best of all, the book is designed for the modern electrician.

Don’t Leave Home without It

If there’s one thing you have on you every day, it’s likely your smartphone. Tucked away inside the Current Geek you’ll find QR codes that help link you digitally to even more information. If the 80 pages of info inside the Current Geek aren’t helpful, simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet.

The codes link to more in-depth electrical coding references. You can also use the QR codes to access instructional or informational videos on your mobile device. Having the Current Geek with you is like having a cheat sheet. If it’s not in the book, there’s a quick link to the things you need to know online. Just scan the QR code and off you go.

Why Does it Matter?

We all need a little assistance from time to time. No matter how sharp our memory is, distractions and focused tasks can distract us from the dangers. When it comes to working with electricity, one misstep can result in major injuries. Nearly half of the approximately 175 deaths seen in the electrical trades occur in construction, with electricians accounting for roughly 7% of total deaths in the building trades as well.

When you’re working with electricity, the dangers of voltage never go away. Federal safety reports continually show that one fatality after another stems from electrocution. This often occurs when try to fix existing wiring, appliances, light fixtures, air conditioners, or underground power lines.

The Current Geek can make your job easier and safer. Stuck for an answer to a particular situation? Use the reference guide to help you navigate the situation. Unsure of how to proceed on a particular job? Guessing isn’t worth the potential negative outcome. Just take a quick glance through the guide and make sure it gets done right.

Make a Smart Purchase

With one Current Geek in the bag, everyone in your crew is safer on the job. It’s not just about safer job sites either. You can be more efficient when you have a handy, easy-to-use reference guide available as well. Rack-A-Tiers takes pride in making sure that hard-working electricians are ready to face any task.

If you already have the Current Geek or want more references, consider the line of Ugly’s Reference Books. You’ll find multiple reference guides available with the same easy-to-access format. Additional information in these includes mathematical formulas, conduit bending info, and even life-saving first aid procedures.

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