Strip Wires with Ease Using a Variety of Copper Wire Strippers

Anyone that works in the electrical field, or even those handymen working in the growing telecommunications field, is familiar with copper wiring. Did you know that copper wiring for building purposes, telecommunications, and electrical work accounts for almost three-quarters of copper use annually? According to, that amounts to almost 933,000 tons of copper used each year.

Ask any electrician and they’ll tell you, copper is something they work with on a regular basis. When it comes to removing electrical or telecom wires, copper is often scrapped for later use. Scrap copper metal is then reused for a variety of purposes. If you’d rather not strip by hand, consider the variety of Rack-A-Tiers Copper Wire Strippers.

Why Strip Copper Wire?

Believe it or not, copper is one of the most commonly recycled materials in the world. Found in everything from extensions cords to desktop computers, it’s a valuable commodity. If you want to generate modest extra cash for your electrical business, copper wire scrapping could be a good option. Copper prices throughout 2016 averaged $2.00 to $2.30 per pound, with a one-time high of $2.67 per pound in November.

Ditch the Needle-Noses and Handhelds

Copper wiring is coated for use in electrical and telecom settings. Those wires are coated to prevent electrical shock when in use, but to scrap and reuse copper it has to be stripped. You can always strip coating from wires with handheld pliers and other tools, but there are faster ways to get the job done. Don’t waste time, get a Copper Wire Stripper from Rack-A-Tiers. See what it’s like to do the job in the half the time.

Copper Wire Stripper Jr.

The Copper Wire Stripper Jr. is the most affordable option for stripping wires. The smallest model in our lineup has a wire range of 14 AWG to 4/0, and boasts an all-aluminum frame with a hardened one-piece blade. The Copper Wire Stripper Jr. can strip either solid core wiring or braided wires. The wire guide is fully adjustable, and all you need to operate the Copper Wire Stripper Jr. is a standard power drill, something every handyman has in their arsenal.

A small note regarding the Wire Stripper Jr: don’t strap your drill down. You want the drill to be able to give a little while the stripper is running. It puts less stress on the drive shaft. Keep the handle of your drill facing away from the stripper’s front, and don’t exceed 300 RPMs.

Copper Wire Stripper – CWS2

If you want to strip copper wire even quicker to turn that scrap metal into cash for your business, then you might want to step up a level to the Copper Wire Stripper – CWS2 model. This larger bench model has an anti-slip base, so you don’t have to worry about losing control. The wire guide is full adjustable and the blade can be easily re-sharpened.

Like the Stripper Jr., the CWS2 model has an all-aluminum frame and a hardened one-piece blade. It’s capable of handling solid core and braided wire, but it brings more power to the table. The CWS 2 has a ½ horsepower motor and can strip wires from 14 AWG to 750 MCM.

Copper Wire Stripper – CWS1

If you want the best of the best, the Copper Wire Stripper – CWS1 model is your choice. It has all of the same structural features of the CWS2 model, but brings greater flexibility and speed to bear stripping copper wire. The CWS1 has a full 1 horsepower motor and strips wire from 14 AWG to 3 inches in diameter. There isn’t a wire stripper out there that does the job quicker or more efficiently.

Don’t Believe Me, See for Yourself

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so surely a video is worth 700 words at the very least. You don’t have to believe Rack-A-Tiers based on this blog post. Click on over to our website to see the Copper Wire Stripper in action for yourself!

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