Skip the Up-and-Down with a Ladder Mate

With modern tech toys like FitBit literally tracking our every move, people today are encouraged to move around more. These tech inventions track everything from the steps you take in a day to the rhythm of your sleep. While Rack-A-Tiers is certainly in favor of individuals maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are good and bad times to be constantly on the go.

For tradesmen working in HVAC, construction, and electrical fields, a ladder is the last thing you want to get those steps in with. The Ladder Mate bin from Rack-A-Tiers won’t help improve your circulation, but it can go a long way in keeping you safe on the job. Only the Ladder Mate ensures you stay safe at work by keeping your tools right where you need them, within reach!

Meet the Ladder Mate

There’s nothing flashy or fancy about the Ladder Mate, and at Rack-A-Tiers we’re OK with that fact. Why does such a simple work accessory make us so proud? The answer is simple really. Rack-A-Tiers believes its products should make your job easier, but also help keep you safe on the job. Whether it’s Racksy Pad Knee Pads to protect your joints or a Plug Master that allows for safe circuit testing, our products don’t have to be flashy to prevent workplace injuries.

The Ladder Mate is adjustable and easy to use for any tradesman. The bucket easily adjusts to carry whatever loadout of tools and accessories you need. It includes adjustable dividers so you can tailor it to your specific trade, or even adjust on the fly for the demands of different job sites. Ladder Mate attaches easily and quickly to most fiberglass, aluminum, and wood step ladders. So what’s the benefit?

Why Get a Ladder Mate?

We’d all prefer a ladder mate to be someone handing us the tools we need when we need them. This Ladder Mate won’t do that, but it does make sure everything you need is within reach. The primary benefit of the Ladder Mate comes in the form of time and energy saved. Whether you’re running wire to ceiling light fixtures or working on HVAC ducts, your tools are right at your side.

Yes, a tool bag or belt sounds like it could do the same job, but not with the same efficiency. Hanging your tool belt from the ladder means reaching down into a dark bag fumbling for the right tool. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that bag won’t just slip right off the ladder! Tool belts are great, but what if the tool you need is on the back of your belt? You can’t see it and you’re working blind.

Ladder Mate puts everything within arm’s reach, where you can see it, and it connects to almost any step ladder. It won’t fall, you can easily see where all your tools are, and best of all you don’t have to run up and down the ladder all day. However, the Ladder Mate isn’t just about saving time and money. Believe it or not, the Ladder Mate could keep you on the job longer.

Ladder Injury Statistics

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls have been the number-one cause of unintentional injury mortality in the US over the past decade. In the workforce, 20% of all fall injuries involve ladders. For construction workers in particular, nearly 81% of fall injuries resulting in a trip to the emergency room involve a ladder. Worst of all, 43% of fatal falls in the last decade involved a ladder.

Going up and down a ladder comes with the territory for construction, HVAC, and electrical workers. You’ve got a job to do, and at Rack-A-Tiers we understand that. The Ladder Mate won’t prevent all falls, but it can help. The Ladder Mate saves you time and energy on the job site, first and foremost. More importantly, it limits the up-and-down that can increase your risk of falling.

Get the Ladder Mate today, and breeze through jobs faster while keeping yourself safer from slip-and-fall incidents when you’re working from a ladder.

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