Any Pants are Work Pants with a Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouch

There’s nothing worse than being caught with your pants down. Showing up for a big job without the right tool belt might come in a close second though. It may seem like a simple thing to overlook, but a tool belt is a vital piece of your working day. The right tool belt ensures you have the right tools at hand. You can show up for every job with confidence, knowing you’re prepared to get to work.

When it comes to choosing a tool belt, you’ll find the industry flooded with options. At Rack-A-Tiers, we carry a variety of tool belts and bags ourselves, but the Butt Pouch is one of our favorites. With the Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouch, you’re ready for any job at any time.

Transform Your Pants to Work Pants

We’re all guilty of having that favorite pair of pants, whether it’s jeans that just work well with your tool belt gear or the right pair of cargo pants. Sometimes larger, bulkier tool belts aren’t suitable for all styles of pants. The weight might drag down the waistline of your pants, or the amount of space and bulk might just be altogether unnecessary.

The Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouch is a simple solution to your tool belt needs. Each one is designed with a wallet-sized insert that slides easily into the back pocket of your work jeans. If you typically wear cargo pants, the insert slides nicely into cargo pockets as well. The best part of the Butt Pouch is that it allows you to customize your tool belt.

You can have as much, or as little, space for your tools as you need on you for any given job. The pouches are lightweight and durable, and each one is made of ballistic nylon. It’s quick to put on and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Why Ballistic Nylon?

Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouches weren’t made with ballistic nylon just for the heck of it. It’s not a marketing ploy either. Ballistic nylon is used in Butt Pouches to give them maximum durability and abrasion resistance. This particular type of nylon was developed by DuPont during World War II for use in flak jackets for US fighter and bomber crews. Its original purpose was to protect them against bullets, shrapnel, and other ballistic impacts.

Today, ballistic nylon is used in various outerwear items for outdoor brands and the construction industry. The result for electricians and other handymen is tough, long-lasting clothing and accessories. The ballistic weave of the Butt Pouch provides tear resistance in multiple directions and the ability to withstand abrasions.

The science behind the ballistic weave pattern sounds fancy, but it really boils down to creating a better product. Your tools won’t poke holes through the belt as you insert and remove, and wear and tear won’t break down the pouch either.

Create Your Own Tool Belt

Perhaps the best upshot of the Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouch is flexibility. Each one is sold individually, which means you can buy one or buy 10 to organize your tools. Most electricians face different types of jobs on a daily or weekly basis. You can use each individual Butt Pouch to arrange your tools by type and use.

When you arrive at each new job, you only have to grab the pouches you need for that job. This is a much better option than carrying around all of your tools at every job in a belt or bag. If you need just one pouch, slip it on. Need three for a particular job? You can slide one into each back pocket and the third in a cargo pocket.

The Rack-A-Tiers Butt Pouch becomes what you need it to be. Each one is capable of carrying a moderate amount of tools, and just might be the last tool belt you ever buy. With durable design and a lightweight feel, you might even forget you’ve got an entire tool belt right in your pocket!

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