Make Work a Breeze with Color-Coded Racky Bits

There’s nothing wrong with stopping your workflow on a personal project at home to fuss through your bit kits looking for the right drill bit or head to work with. However, when you’re on the job the last thing you want to do is grind everything to a halt as you look for the right bit for the next hole you need to drill or screw you need to drive.

Racky Bits color-coded bits make it easy to switch out your bits in the blink of an eye, literally. With one glance down you’ll know which bit you’re grabbing, and in some cases you can streamline the jobsite even further by using double-ended bits or keep it cleaner with magnetic bits. Tired of digging for the right bit? Use Racky Bits for quicker transitions.

What are Racky Bits?

The wide selection of Racky Bits are our own Rack-a-Tiers brand drill and screw bits, with a twist. Our color-coded system helps you streamline any job you’re working on by removing the time waste that is sifting through your tool box for the right drill bit or screw head. All you have to do is look for the right color, swap it out, and go.

Racky Bits are available in a vast array of product offerings that range from a full 12-piece bit kit to double-ended bits, magnetic hex bits, and even assorted accompanying tools that help you keep all your bits straight and the jobsite cleaner.

Why Color-Coded Bits?

The answer is simple really, ease of use. When you’re switching from one bit size to another, you have two choices. Without color-coded Racky Bits, you have to settle for fumbling through your toolbox in search of the right size for the job. With color-coded Racky Bits, you can just look down at your tools and know you’re grabbing the right bit for the job based upon the color coding we’ve used on each bit and screw head.

Color-coded drill bits came about as a matter of necessity. As noted in the Woodworker’s Journal, drill bit manufacturers typically stamp the diameter of each bit onto the upper shank of each bit. After extensive use however, the drill chuck eventually wears those numbers off and it can be difficult to choose the right bit on the fly.

Basics for the color-coded drill bit were actually borrowed from the electronic color code used by electricians, with a fixed decimal point scheme used to accommodate the variety of sizes in use.

Racky Bits Options

You’ll find just about anything you need from our selection of Racky Bits. For those tough jobs, our Impact Driver Bits are made from stronger steel in order to withstand the toughest jobs and added stress. Our color-coded, double-ended bits make the job even easier. Switch seamlessly between #1 and #2 square bits on the fly, or easily flip from #2 Phillips to ¼” slot screws in a heartbeat.

If you have a tendency to drop things on the jobsite, then the magnetic bit holder and magnetic sleeve might be the perfect tool for you. Our magnetic bit holder works perfectly with all of our Racky Bits, allowing you to quickly and efficiently swap one color-coded bit for another without the hassle of loosening the chuck or changing out impact driver bits. Hands full today? The magnetic sleeve offers slip-on installation that works with all our Racky Bits so you can get the job done when just one hand is free.

When you want those color-coded Racky Bits close at hand, the HOLDSaBIT slips on and off a drill in seconds. You just pull one loop over the front and a second loop over the back. You can keep as many as four bits of varying lengths right on your drill for easy, fast swaps.

Racky Bits

When it comes to the jobsite, you can waste time digging around for the right equipment, or you can up your game with color-coded Racky Bits that make it simple and easy to switch to the bit you need at a moment’s notice.

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