Introducing the Top Hat – High Volume Wire Cover

Are you tired of coiling wires into a tight-fitting junction box, or removing a flat cover plate only to discover a jungle of wires jammed into the junction box? The Top Hat – High Volume Wire Cover is here to help. Save yourself some frustration by using this all-in-one cover plate and extension box.

While on the job, many electricians will have to troubleshoot wires in an existing junction box. These wires are often tangled and then haphazardly stuffed into the box so they fit under a flat cover plate. By simply using a Top Hat in this situation, the wires could be left sticking straight out and separated, resulting in less headaches and far less time spent troubleshooting.

The Top Hat adds 35.8 cubic inches of box fill in addition Plenum Rates and ULC approved for application in the USA and Canada. Generally, this device is geared towards commercial applications.

The Top Hat – High Volume Wire Cover is now available at your local electrical distributor. Make sure to ask them to bring in the Top Hat for you to try. It’s not long till you’ll be hearing on the jobsite, “put a hat on it.”

For more information, check out the Top Hat product page here.

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