There’s nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than a power outage that results in spoiled food, flooded basements, or uncontrollable climates within their home. For electricians, there is an easy solution that you can offer customers to help avoid this problem when utility power goes out. The EZ Generator Switch provides a manual transfer option so homeowners can power important electrical loads in the home when the power is out.

How a Manual Transfer Switch Works

You’ll find many reasons to recommend the EZ Generator switch to those customers who deal with frequent utility outages. A manual transfer switch prevents the household circuits in a panel from running on both utility power and generator power at the same time, but more importantly, it offers an easy transfer solution when needed.

Homeowners need only to connect an extension cord from their generator to the EZ Generator Switch, which is wired into their panel and connected to the desired items they want powered during utility outages, such as refrigerators, basement sump pumps, or electric furnaces.

Why Recommend the EZ Generator Switch?

If you’re wondering why you would recommend the EZ Generator manual transfer switch, ease of use is the primary reason. Automatic transfer switches are always an option, but there is a potential for both utility power and generator power to operate at the same time. Automatic transfer switches continuously monitor electric utility power, attempting to account for fluctuations or serious power quality issues.

Manual transfer switches are just easier for your customers. Once installed and connected to appropriate loads (fridge, furnace, sump pump, etc.), homeowners just flick a switch and power the selected items until utility power is restored.

The alternative to using an EZ Generator switch is running individual extension cords from the generator itself to the fridge or other items. These manual transfer switches centralize the process, making it easier and quicker for homeowners to switch power for vital items to their generators.

It’s Easier for You Too!

Installation of the EZ Generator Switch helps you solve your customers’ worries without a ton of extra work on your behalf. Why spend time crawling throughout a customer’s home feeding electrical wiring or dealing with existing circuit breakers, when you can quickly and easily install a manual transfer switch to help them solve their problems.

The EZ Generator Switch works with standard extension cords, requires no back feeding or dealing directly with existing circuit breakers, and is completely pre-wired. Even better, it works with any generator. You don’t have to worry about which manual transfer switch to recommend to customers, because the EZ Generator Switch works with them all.

The switches come wired for bonded neutral generators (non-floating), but they can be converted to work with other models in less than a minute.

Get Your Supplies Today

Give your electrical customers the peace of mind they want without putting a bunch of additional work on your own plate. The EZ Generator Switch provides an easy-to-install product for you and a simple solution to power transfer during outages for homeowners.

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