With Rack Rewards, You Get Rewarded for Buying Tools You Already Use

At Rack-a-Tiers, we think it’s important to say “thank you” to our loyal customers. That’s why we’ve created Rack Rewards, a program that rewards contractors and tradespeople for purchasing quality tools that they rely on every day.

We know you might need to buy a wire dispenser, tool pouch or wire strippers to do your job. We still think you should be rewarded for getting what you need, though.

Collect Volts with Product Codes

With Rack Rewards, it’s easy to collect and redeem rewards. Lots of Rack-a-Tiers products have a 10-digit product code. Whenever you purchase an eligible product from a Rack-a-Tiers wholesaler, follow these steps

  • sign up with Rack Rewards if you haven’t already

  • log onto this page to enter the 10-digit product code

  • register your product using the product code and have volts added to your account

  • redeem them for free products of your choice

Each product code is good for a different number of volts, so you never know when you’ll hit the jackpot and get a whole bunch.

Of course, we’ll take care of adding the appropriate voltage to your account, and you can log and see how many volts you have anytime you’d like.

Redeem Your Volts for Rockin’ Rewards

Once you have enough volts, you’ll be ready to redeem them for a reward of your choice (or multiple rewards, if you save up enough voltage). Rewards vary from small tools to major items, so you’ll be able to find something regardless of whether you just have a few product codes to redeem or regularly purchase Rack-a-Tiers tools and products.

Some products are as little as 225 volts, which isn’t much at all thanks to how many volts some codes will give you.

There are lots of Rack-a-Tiers tools to choose from. A few popular ones include the:

  • Flex Puller

  • Rack-a-Tiers Wire Dispenser

  • Lift-N-Lok Tool Box

  • Copper Wire Stripper CWS-2

  • Laserline Kit

These are the same tools that we sell at Rack-a-Tiers, so you know how good they are. The only difference is that, thanks to Rack Rewards, you can get them with volts.

It’s not all about work, either. In addition to the Rack-a-Tiers products, you can also get a Sony PlayStation 4 (500 GB). Whether for yourself or for a gift, getting a PlayStation 4 for free makes buying work tools a whole lot more fun.

Sign Up with Rack Rewards

If you aren’t already part of the Rack Rewards program, begin taking advantage of it today.

For contractors and tradespeople who need to purchase tools, it only makes sense to be rewarded while doing your job.

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