Product Spotlight – Efergy Elite Classic

Last winter many consumers were shocked by steep increases in electricity costs, and if the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan is adopted, it’s likely that power utility bills will increase even further. An analysis of the impact of the proposed bill is that many consumers could see their electricity costs increase between 12 and 20 percent. With such increases on the horizon, it’s essential consumers take control of electricity usage and find ways to reduce their consumption.

The Efergy Elite Classic Wireless Energy Monitor might be just the device homeowners need to monitor and manage electricity consumption. This nifty unit is wirelessly connected to the meter box and records total energy used as well as instantaneous electricity consumption.

Benefits of Monitoring Energy Consumption

The Classic Wireless Energy Monitor gives you the ability to monitor power consumption in real time to see how much energy you’re using.

It’s able to report instantaneous electricity usage and, thanks to its ability to program electricity tariffs, the Efergy energy monitor calculates the actual cost of electricity used. It also records daily, weekly and monthly energy usage and costs.

This information can help to identify how much power appliances use and which ones are power hungry. In homes with time-of-use electricity tariffs, it’s possible use the monitor to measure the financial benefit of using power during off-peak periods.

The monitor helps you assess the benefits of more energy-efficient appliances and demonstrates how you can lower your energy costs.

Simple Installation

Installation of the Efergy monitor is simple. The unit is supplied with a current sensor (CT sensor) that opens and is clipped over the power feed to your home inside your utility box. The sensor cable is fed though the side of the box (remove a standard half-inch knockout) and connected to the transmitter. Once the CT sensors are connected to the transmitter, it communicates wirelessly with the battery powered monitor.

Although installation does not require wiring disconnection, take great care to avoid touching live wires and don’t drop anything into the box. Unless you, as a homeowner or tenant, are trained and qualified in electrical work, it’s far safer to employ a licensed electrician to install the sensors. Many homes have both 120 volt and 220 volt supplies, and an electrician knows how to install the device safely.

Multiple Voltages

In homes that have 120 and 240 voltage supplies, it’s necessary to connect a sensor to the live supply line for each voltage; the unit comes with two sensors. If the power supply is three phase, a third sensor is required to correctly measure the power consumption. The transmitter can handle up to three CT sensors.

Programming the Monitor

Once the CT sensors are connected and the transmitter activated, the energy monitor must be programmed. The total power consumed is a function of the current measured by the CT sensor and the supply voltage, so the monitor must be told what the supply voltages are and whether the power supply is single phase or three phase.

Electricity Tariffs

The tricky part is entering the electricity tariffs. While some homes have a single tariff, others have time-of-use tariffs where the cost of electricity depends upon the time of day and in some cases whether it’s a weekday or weekend.

So before programming, you need to establish your tariffs. If you are lucky, the information will be on your utility bill, but this is not always the case. You may need to contact your utility company or landlord to get the correct tariff.

Reduce Your Energy Costs Intelligently

The real benefit of the Efergy Elite Classic Wireless Energy Monitor is that it gives you the ability to manage your electricity consumption intelligently. There is no longer a need to guess how much power each device is using, because you can accurately measure the power your appliances are drawing at any point in time or over a period of time.

Use the device to really understand your energy consumption. You may be surprised to discover that appliances you thought used little energy actually use a lot. For example, if you have a large old refrigerator, you are likely to find it’s responsible for a significant percentage of your total electricity energy use and that maybe it’s time to upgrade to a modern energy-efficient refrigerator.

The Efergy Elite Classic Wireless Energy Monitor is an exciting device that gives you the freedom to discover how you are using electricity, to reduce your costs and to reduce carbon emissions.

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