The Best of Belts, Bags and Pouches

Welcome back guys. For those on the northern side of the border I hope you had a great week and for those on the southern side I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. If yours was half as joyous as ours, you will not soon get over it.

My wonderful wife, ever the mad scientist of the kitchen, decided this year to forgo the traditional Cranberry Sauce in favor of a home brewed Cranberry Cream Ale. It was a decision that had my complete support right up until it crossed my I’s and dotted my T’s. If you know what I mean.

You might even say we got cranberry sauced. If you have never tried home brewing, I strongly suggest you give it a shot.

Speaking of being in the bag, brings us to the subject of this week’s blog. Tool pouches in the many forms they now take.

How Things Change

I hate to start sounding old again, but things really have changed through the years. When I started out we had heavy leather belts and pouches. You either used them or carried your stuff around in a bucket.

Today, thanks to advancements in materials and designs, we have much better options. For now, we are going to talk about three of my favorite styles. Between them, they will suit almost any situation or application. They are Electrician Bag/Belt Combos,Electricians Holsters and Butt Pouches.

Electrician Bag/Belt Combo

The first class of pouches that we are going to talk about are the big boys of our lineup. These are the ones you need when you don’t have a truck available. They make it possible to carry an entire tool chest on your hips.

The best of these that I have found is the Electrician Bag/Belt Combo. The belt section is actually a Molded Air-Channel Support Belt that helps you carry the load without straining your lower back, but will let your skin breath so you don’t sweat to death.

The tool pouch itself has 9 large pockets as well as the requisite tape holder and hammer holster. The entire assembly is made of 1250 denier DuraTek fabric reinforced with bar-tack stitching and heavy duty rivets and then the pocket openings are further strengthened with high density nylon webbing. If you can wear one of these out your good and being bad.

Electricians Holsters

My pick for lighter loads is a, not so simple, Electricians Holsters. Not surprisingly, it comes from the guys at Rack-A-Tiers and like most of the items they supply it performs over and above the call of duty.

It is of course sturdy, strong and built to last, being made out of 1200 Denier polyester, but that’s not what makes it special. The things that I love about it, are that it comes with a comfortable, rubberized, carrying handle, as well as belt loops, and it is built with a flat bottom. This means I can simply set it down without worrying about it falling over and spilling my tools.

Butt Pouch

The Butt Pouch is my personal favorite and the one I use most often now that I’m not in the field a lot. It comes in four different configurations. I use the Grande of course, because bigger is always better.

The thing that makes this pouch so wonderful is that, even though you can use it with a belt, it is designed with a semirigid flap that you just slide in a back pocket. This makes it super convenient if you climb in and out of a truck all day.

There you have them, my picks to suit every tool pouch situation. If you do plant maintenance then the Electrician Bag/Belt Combo is probably your best choice. For general work an Electricians Holsters will probably suffice and if you’re like me and rarely need more than a tweaker and meter, but are running from site to site all day the Butt Pouch is just the ticket.

Until next time, keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

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