Why Invest In Quality Tools?

Regular readers here will have probably realized by now that one of the main reasons that I keep such a sharp eye out for new tools is that I am basically a lazy person. It’s not that I’m afraid of hard work; I can watch it all day, no problem. Ok, that is an old joke but what do you expect.

The fact is that first statement above is the truth. I am conditionally lazy. I know work, sometimes hard work, is necessary at times but I have never seen the sense of making a job harder than it has to be. My father had two sayings that pretty well sum up my view on the subject. He would say “Half of any job is having the right tool for the job.” and “If there is tool to make a job easier, use it.” I have found that these are wise words not just as a worker but also as a boss.

Business Logic

The logic is simple though some can’t seem to grasp it so I’ll explain.  As a rule, easier is usually faster. Faster means, more work done in less time. More work in less time means more jobs or contracts finished in any given period of time. More jobs finished means more profits, happier clients, more referrals, a better reputation and a healthier business over all.

Then you have the intangible effect that providing or using innovative tools has on people. Happy people work harder, gripe less and do a better job in general. Again this means, more jobs finished faster, more profits, happier clients, more referrals, a better reputation and a healthier business over all.

That is big return on the small investment that quality tools require.

Pocket Kart an Example

A wonderful case in point is a wonderful little device that we use as standard equipment, the Pocket Kart.

The Pocket Kart takes the pain out of toting reels of wire. Instead of trying to carry them like cordwood or eating your fingers up poking them into the holes, you just hook the Pocket Kart through the center of the reel, grab the swiveling T-grip and carry it like a brief case. If you have larger reels to move you can use one on each end.

They are small handy and relatively cheap but make a huge difference in a job that we all as electricians do everyday.

By supplying my guys with Pocket Karts I not only make their job easier but I have seen a decrease in hand injuries and damaged reels. That is another bonus.

Spend to Save and Earn

The above is just one example of the many tools that while they may not be a necessity can make a huge difference in how difficult a daily task has to be. I am not saying that you should buy every new shiny toy that hits your suppliers’ shelves. I am saying that it is only good business sense to take an objective look at what is out there and consider how it can affect your business. Some times the best way to earn more is to spend more.

We never had it before is not a valid reason to not try something new. Advances are made everyday. New methods, new tools are as inevitable as time and just like time not using them will only limit the potential that your business can have.

Just something for you to think about.

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