Cool Tools to Help Your Business: Drilling Noggins

Hello boys and girls, it’s gratifying to see so many of you back with us. Today, we are going to talk about a subject that I am sure is near and dear to everyone’s heart. Especially those who do a lot of remodeling projects and installation work. Today’s subject is all about using flex bits.

I know how much every body loves drilling holes, that they can’t see; in places that they can’t reach and of course none of us has ever had a hole appear in a totally unexpected place like a wall or floor. We’re professional electrical contractors, after all.

Yes, there is nothing like the thrill of starting to install a new outlet or fixture and realizing that the wall is braced with Noggins. When this happens it can be hard not to break out in a cold sweat. You know that first you have got to drill through them without creating more work patching carpet and walls and then you’ve got to get a tape through the holes so you can pull the wires down.

Have heart there is a better way, and I’m going to introduce you to a couple of new tools to make your life much easier.

Bumper Balls

First we will talk about Bumper Balls these handy little jewels are so simple a solution to the problem of errant flex bit paths that they border on being genius. They fit any 3/16 inch arbor bit shaft and solve all those little problems like bits walking in unintended directions and holes appearing in unwanted places.

Their use is simple; you just slide them over the shaft just above the drill bit and they hold it securely centered while you drill. A set includes both a 1 3/4” and 2 ¼” Ball so you are covered for most any wall that you may need to work inside. They are so simple I would call them elegant.

Switchbit – Interchangeable Flex Bits

The second part of our pairing is a new item that is just now starting to make a name for itself. It is the Switchbit – Interchangeable Flex Bits system. This Flex Bit system comes with a variety of shaft lengths and bit sizes that can be mixed and matched to give you the perfect, customized set up no matter what situation you find yourself up against.

Switchbits don’t stop there though, they have a little secret that makes them a true time saving, stress eliminating, God send. Every bit is cross bored through the shaft making wire pulling a dream. You no longer have to go fishing for the hole you drilled. The bit itself is your fish tape. This one innovation alone will save you a great deal of time and frustration.


Either of these tools alone would be a welcome addition to any electricians tool set but when you put them together they really shine. Switchbits with there interchangeable heads, various shank lengths and cross bored shafts  are a pleasure to work with and Bumper Balls will pay for themselves with the first hole you don’t have come out in the wrong place.

Combine these two and you have an installers dream set.


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