Cool Tools to Help Your Business: Magnepull – Magnetic Wire Snake

Sometimes, a great tool doesn’t fall under the category of invention. Sometimes, it is an innovation. Inventions are new ideas, they may be based on past knowledge and technology but they are uniquely original.

An innovation is when you take things that exist and improve them or use them in new ways.

Most of the tools we talk about here are inventions, but today’s subject falls more under the category of innovation.

Snaking Fun

In electrical contracting, snaking wires is just part of the job. We have all done it and there is no way we are ever going to get away from it. You run your tape in hole A and then try to hook it and guide it out hole B so you can attach your wires or string and start pulling. To be honest I always enjoyed the process.

It reminds me of one of my favorite pastimes, snagging catfish, which I have always been good at. Still, it can be frustrating at times and can eat a lot of productive time on a job.

More than once, I have walked up on one of my guys using less than professional language because they just couldn’t get things to line up where they could catch the tape clean and guide it out of the hole.. That is where the Magnepull – Magnetic Wire Snake comes in.

Magnepull – Magnetic Wire Snake

This tool meets two of my criteria for a wonderful tool. It makes work easier for my people and it saves me money.

Using the Magnepull is K.I.S.S. simple. All you have to do is drill your holes. Start feeding the flexible leader with its magnetic head in, then take the roller and guide it to your exit hole, snag, and pull, finished. It doesn’t get much simpler.

The magnets are strong enough to work pull through thick insulation and you can attach any fiber fish to the magnetic head making it easier to penetrate heavy insulation and guide through fire-block drills. It even makes a handy stud finder, meaning one less tool to carry.


There you have it, the Magnepull – Magnetic Wire Snake, my pick for tool of the week. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved my company, especially on rewire jobs and in home installations. Best of all it saves embarrassment over my people’s behavior.

You know I love a win, win and this tool definitely qualifies on that point. It allows my people to work faster, more efficiently and with less frustration to them.

They’re happier, I make more money, which makes me happy, and I have more satisfied customers to spread the word of how wonderful my company is.

Give the Magnepull – Magnetic Wire Snake a try, you won’t be disappointed. Until next time keep the coffee hot and the beer cold and please let us know what you think about these columns.

If you want me to highlight a specific tool, just let me know in the comments section or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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