Cool Tools to Help Your Business: Pipe Viper

I know this might come as a shock to some, but I am a traditionalist at heart. True, I embrace new ideas and love anything that helps me make more profit or makes life easier for my guys. Still, some newer things I just have a hard time coming around to.

A case in point is rigid PVC conduit. I know it’s not exactly new, but when you have been in the electrical field as long as I have, “new” becomes relative. I still think of the Chili Peppers as a new group.

I was never a big fan of PVC. It had nothing to do with the materiel itself – it was just that I hated cutting, priming and gluing.


The primer gives me a headache and no matter how hard I tried I could never spend a day gluing PVC without going home with my hands and clothes covered in glue. I hated it on my hands and my wife always gave me another headache about the clothes.

On top of all that, no matter how precisely laid out a job was I always seemed to come up one fitting short. This meant loss time and extra work going to find the fitting that I needed.

Like anyone in contracting, you know that lost time is lost money. It drove me nuts knowing I was losing dollars over parts that cost pennies.

Watch the Pipe Viper video by clicking the image below.


That is why I immediately fell in love with this new tool, the Pipe Viper. We no longer had to cut and glue. With it, running PVC conduit became easier than running aluminum or galvanized. No more headaches on the job or at home.

Simple is as simple does

Simple is the perfect word for this tool. Just slide the Pipe Viper into a stick of PVC and bend it over your knee or other convenient object and you can have instant offsets and saddles; no kinking, no splitting, no fittings and no heating required.

This jewel is so quick to use that one of my guys has been using it to turn scrap into make-shift Basketball Hoops for lunch time play.

Best of all if you should make a mistake you can just bend it back straight and start over, no more discarded conduit from bad bends. Less waste means more profit. Of course none of us care about that, right?


This is another one of those head slapper tools. It took me from hating PVC to loving it.

Using the Pipe Viper, it is now easier to run PVC conduit than any other type. Available in 10 sizes starting with .5 inch and going up to 4 inch, there is a size for all but the biggest jobs.

It makes running conduit faster and easier for my guys and raises my profit margins; a definite win, win.

I am going to quit giving numbered ratings as of now. It is just too hard to not give all these wonderful new tools top marks. I’ll just say it again I love this simple little innovative tool.

Until next time, keep the coffee hot and the beer cold.

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