Cool Tools to Help Your Business: Lift-n-Lok Tool Box

Usually in these blog posts, you hear about some new tool that is the latest and greatest idea which I have found for solving the problems that plague us every day. Today is going to be a little different. Not a lot but a little.

Now that you’ve been introduced to so many new and wonderful toys, you need a way to conveniently carry them around. I know we all have a tool belt and most of us have a tool bag but they both have the same drawbacks.

They may or may not hold everything we need on a daily bases and you can’t exactly say that they are well organized.

Too many times I have dug through my bag or pouch, decided that I had left something in the truck and only after having walked back to the truck, discovered it was buried in my bag to start with.

When I was in the field all day this was frustrating. Now that I’m in the office it is infuriating. All those wasted steps and minutes digging around are lost production and lost production is lost dollars.

Better Ideas from the field

That’s why, when one of my guy’s came to me asking about us buying Lift-n-Lok Tool Boxes I was all ears. Like most of the better ideas in our company, this one came from my people not me. I’m just bright enough to employ smart people.

Get Organized, Stay Organized

I had tried tool boxes in the past. Some were too heavy, some were too small, and all of them tended to pop open or let a drawer slide out at the wrong time. With the Lift-n-Lok there is finally a perfect toolbox for electricians.

The top compartment is large enough to hold drills, snakes, meters and other large tools, while the top drawer is divided into perfectly sized compartments to hold wire-nuts, connecters and other small pieces of hardware, all in a well-organized manner. The bottom two drawers are picture-perfect screwdrivers, pliers, levels, etc.

The best part is once you have your tools and parts organized they stay that way. Flip the handle down and everything on this box locks up vault secure. No lid popping open, no drawers sliding out and scattering parts and tools. You Lock it. It stays locked until you flip the handle back over to the unlock position and you’ll find everything in the drawer and the compartment you left it in.

It Gets Better

Better still, I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy but light weight these boxes were and how smooth the locking mechanism operated straight from the box. Like I said, I had tried tool boxes in the past and been disappointed but I have to admit, I like this box.

It does what it says it does.

Helping the Home Front

There is one other feature I have to mention. It may or may not mean much to you but for me and my guys it was very important. The Lift-n-Lok Tool Box is 100% USA built. Nothing outsourced. 100% American built by American Workers in an American plant.


This is the first toolbox I have found that will make me leave my old and trusted bag behind. It has almost all the features that I could ask for. No it doesn’t make coffee but there is room in the top tray for my Thermos. Two weeks in a row I have had to give a perfect 10 rating. Maybe I’m getting soft.

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