March 21, 2012 – Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. Inc. announced earlier this year that they are now the exclusive distributor of Robertson® Screws in the electrical industry. Already the exclusive distributor of Robertson® Color Coded Driver Bits, Rack-A-Tiers will now offer the ultimate “Cling Fit” to electrical contractors by adding the original Robertson® Screws to their product mix.

Robertson® screws use a square drive that reduces stripping and clings to your drill bit.

Many electrical experts following the Rack-A-Tiers growth story are not surprised by this latest move to bolster the Rack-A-Tiers offering. Once known solely for their original multi-purpose wire dispensing tool, the company is quickly gaining ground in several other key areas of the electrical industry, the latest being fasteners.

To complete their Fastener Program, Rack-A-Tiers adds their own line of anchors, washers, and bolts to team up with the screws from Robertson®.

When asked about the addition of Robertson® Screws and whether or not we will continue to see Rack-A-Tiers expand their product line, President and Founder, Ken MacLachlan, stated, “We will continue to listen to the electrical contractors and deliver to them products that improve their work processes.” He added, “These are the principles we built this company on and we are passionate about maintaining them as we continue to grow.”


Founded by the great inventor, businessman, and author, Peter Lymburner Robertson, in 1908, Robertson® has been producing some of the best screws in the world for over 100 years. The Robertson® screw has very noticeable advantages over the competition for reasons that have been well documented.

The main advantage behind Robertson® screws is the square drive design. Unlike a Phillips or flat head design, the Robertson® design allows the screw to “cling” to the driver bit. This has many advantages, the most pertinent being that the user only needs to use one hand after place the screw on the tip of the driver bit. Using a Phillips or flat head, the screw will fall off immediately if not held on by the user’s other hand.

The Robertson® design also minimizes stripping of the screw.


Throughout 2011, Rack-A-Tiers introduced over 25 new products to their catalog which already boasted a thorough gathering of the most innovative solutions in the electrical industry today. Powered by the ideas of hundreds of professional electricians working in the field every day, Rack-A-Tiers has gained a reputation for developing tools and products that solve real problems that electrical contractors face during every job.


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