Product Spotlight Video: The Pipe Viper

Cold-Bend Rigid PVC with The Pipe Viper: No Heat Required!

The Pipe Viper Video
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We love to demo the Pipe Viper at trade shows and watch the look of disbelief on people’s faces. After all, who would believe that you could cold-bend PVC (no heat guns required) and come out with a perfect bend? Oh, and did we mention the job is done within seconds?

This is exactly what the Pipe Viper does. The tool is a 3 to 4 foot spring that slips inside your PVC. It comes in sizes that fit 1/2 inch to 4 inch PVC.  When placed inside PVC, it allows you to make perfect bends (without heating) while maintaining the structural integrity of the PVC – it does not kink or collapse.

No Heat Required

Throw out your heat gun and heat blanket. The Pipe Viper requires no preparation whatsoever – simply insert the spring into the PVC and bend it across your knee to your desired angle. To allow for spring-back, bend slightly further than your desired angle.

Reverse Bend or Remove Doglegs

Did you bend your PVC a little too far? No problem. With the Pipe Viper, you can re-bend your pipe again. Just reverse the bend over your knee and bring it back to the required angle.

Notice a dogleg in your offset? Again, the Pipe Viper allows you to keep bending. Just push the ends of the PVC down over your knee to get it straight and eliminate the dogleg.

Offsets and Nineties

Yes, you can bend a 90 degree angle with the Pipe Viper! Of course, some inspectors may not want you pulling wire through a radius that tight, but, we’re just saying, it’s possible!

Offsets with The Pipe Viper
Bend perfect offsets.

If you need to swing your PVC around into a ditch or need some other type of sweeping curve, make several bends 4 to 5 inches apart to create a large bow.

Most often, however, use this tool for creating quick and accurate offsets. Insert the spring, bend one side, rotate your PVC, bend the other side, and you’re good to go!

Spring Removes Easily and Effortlessly

Easy Extraction - Pipe Viper
Built for easy extraction.

After bending, you can remove the Pipe Viper from the PVC quickly and easily. If you are bending a short piece of PVC, leave one end of the spring hanging outside of the pipe and just slip it out after.

If you are bending a longer piece of PVC, attach a string or piece of wire the metal hoop that sits on the end of the Pipe Viper. After completing your bend, just pull the string or wire out to get the spring out of the PVC.

Click here to watch the Product Spotlight Video.

*Note that when using the Pipe Viper, your outside temperature should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius for optimal performance.

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