Rack-A-Tiers Makes Some Noise at the NTI Trade Show!

Action at the Rack-A-Tiers booth

For the sixth year in a row, Rack-A-Tiers had the busiest booth (per square foot) at the NTI Trade Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Instructors, Outstanding Apprentices, and Training Directors swarmed the black and yellow Rack-A-Tiers booth looking for the latest innovative, mind-blowing devices from the cutting edge electrical tools company.

Free Product Raffle

Rack-A-Tiers was raffling off a free Belt and Pouch Combo, but that wasn’t the only reason for the electric-like atmosphere. Rack-A-Tiers had over 20 new products on display that captured the interests of any electrician looking to do his job a little more effectively.

Congratulations to Williams Gaona of the New York area for winning our free Belt and Pouch Combo!

New Inventions on Display

The Javelin, a new product that allows you to easily attach an auger bit or whole saw to any length of all-thread/ready-rod, was among the most popular. The device enables electricians to drill holes up to ten feet away or longer. The auger bit or whole saw locks into place on the all-thread/ready-rod so it will not de-thread when placed in reverse.

Another stellar invention, the PulLee, also stirred up some invigorating discussion. The PulLee is a simple steel roller with a spring-loaded tip that slips into electrical boxes. Once in place, it guides wire into the box at a perfect angle, eliminating the need for a second person to manually guide the wire at the feeding end of the job.

Other new products getting attention were the Ropematic Pro (rope and fish tape puller), the Racky Straps (utility straps), the Bumper Balls, and our new collection of Hole Cutters.

This band lit up the U of M campus.

The Party Was Bumpin’

Check out some of the pictures and videos we captured to see some of the action.



We want to give a special thanks to the NJATC and the University of Michigan for making this event another amazing success. See you all next year!

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