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Staple Shark

Part# 52455

The Staple Shark is a dual-ended tool! One end is used for pulling stubborn staples and the other acts as a multi-purpose pry bar. This unique tool provides easy staple pulling for any size of cable staple.

  • Made of hardened steel
  • Includes a handy nail puller and pry bar for multi-purpose use.
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    7 Customer Reviews for Staple Shark

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    from Regina, CA
    2013-10-24 09:52:13

    Staple Shark

    It fits nicely in my tool pouch, always ready to use. I can use it as a mini pry-bar too... great for removing trim boards around doors and such. The ruler, square, staple/bottle cap remover, mini pry-bar... great little tool.

    from Indianapolis, US
    2013-11-14 16:21:18

    Na Na...Na Na...

    The Staple Shark is an awesome tool! Great for staple pulling!! You'll never reach for another tool again.

    from Fall River, US
    2015-04-08 17:45:37

    Works well

    A must have when running wire or when doing demo work. Im on my second one the first I broke the tip trying to pull out a old staple, more like a spike,live and learn.

    from brandenburg, US
    2016-02-01 23:25:34

    electrical crew foreman

    love this tool. Only complaint i have is my was old style and will not hold the staples. I asked the supplier I bought it from to get me newer style but he said rack-a-tier kept sending him the old style. Other then that complaint i love this multi function tool.

    from Chester, US
    2016-04-11 12:18:32

    Awesome Tool!

    What a great tool!!! I bought a second one the next day. You'll never want to use another tool to rip out staples again!

    from Woodbridge, US
    2016-05-13 20:03:12


    This is such a time saver for any type of staple. I have found more use of this puller than anything else on the market.

    Kevin Liu
    from Coquitlam, CA
    2016-12-25 22:47:49

    A handy nail puller!

    I have seen a lot people using their linesman plier or sidecutter to pull S1-2-3 staples...and they sure did waste a lot of time while damaging their precious tool. With Staple Shark, either putting or taking staples off is no longer my nightmare!

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