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Driller's Dust Bowl

Part# 48000

The flexible Driller's Dust Bowl compresses against the work surface and traps all dust and debris as you drill.

The bowl fits your drill and hole saw without any adjustments needed.

Mfg Note

You may enjoy a face full of drywall dust, but your customers might not. Put an end to "unprotected hole sawing" and wrap up with the Driller's Dust Bowl.

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3 Customer Reviews for Driller's Dust Bowl

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from Tualatin, OR US
2014-05-22 01:48:34

Driller's Dust Bowl

I had an opportunity to give the Dust Bowl a second chance. I bought one about five years ago and after five can light holes, the metal hub ripped out! It has been greatly improved with a stronger plastic hub, I have used it for more than twenty can lights so far and shows very little wear. The flat edge seals against the cutting surface so well that I've been able to cut 4" holes in vertical sheetrock surfaces and catch almost all of the dust. This is a must for service calls and remodels, your customers will appreciate not having a layer of dust on everything!

from Markham, CA
2015-12-04 01:58:38

Dust Bowl Review

After reading reviews and looking at videos of this dust bowl, I proceeded to my local specialty hardware store and picked one up. I've drilled about 50 (fifty) 3" recessed lighting holes and the product finally gave in and the plastic ring was falling off. I've read reviews of other similar products of a different brand where the life expectancy was noway near this one. The amount of dust caught was near 100% so no complaints there! This product works great on both stucco and smooth ceilings! I only wish it could last forever... anyways, an easy fix to the deteriorating ring was the application of some adhesive probably about every 8-10 holes after the wear and tear. (I used the "No More Nails" adhesive from LePage... worked pretty well) and applied the adhesive to both the inside and outside of the ring... Don't be stingy, use a hefty amount because this adhesive acts like a rubber bond when it dries. Tip: When setting the hole cutter into the drill over the dust bowl, try to get the cutter as far out (extended) as possible away from the dust bowl. I've noticed that the more pressure you put on the bowl, the easier it is for the plastic ring to be pushed out so less pressure means a longer life and more holes to be drilled!

from Garfield heights, US
2017-08-10 17:37:36

Highly recommended

Most tradesmen have no idea of the luxury of drilling a hole without a bunch of dust in your face or mess to clean up after great product for a great price

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