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Part# 47010

One of the smartest inventions to come to market this decade is the V-Cutter. This simple little blade attaches to most wire strippers and allows you to strip cable with a single swipe.

  • A new way to strip NMSC cable
  • Easily attaches to most wire strippers
  • Strips cable in or out of electrical boxes with action
  • Virtually eliminates nicking or cutting the wire insulator
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5 Customer Reviews for V-Cutter

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from Edmonton, CA
2013-08-12 16:51:49

very handy

These are great! Until the blade falls out.

from Warren, US
2014-03-18 11:33:15


We bought 6 to try, sold them in less than a week! These are a great product!

from Enfield, US
2015-07-04 12:14:11

Blade falls out... but this is awesom

This thing is great, however the blade falls out. I think this could be fixed if the blade could be put in from the side that connects to the pliers and the part the goes into the wire left to be solid. Also could put some sort of device to hold blade from falling out on that side. Replacement blades would be a good idea as well as these will get dull. Super good idea !!!! I will but again

from maysville, US
2016-07-24 22:31:07

Job site electrician

Good add on to strippers but had to do a little customizing to them to get it to fit wish you could order blades for it First one I purchased lasted three wires and blade fell out but company sent new v cutter right out to replace so great deal in my eyes

Kevin Liu
from Coquitlam, CA
2016-12-25 22:11:55

Invincible with the Croc's wire stripper

I have use Croc's stripper and the Vcutter all together, it makes the job done smoothly and efficiently. I cutting through the Lumex rubber of 14/2, 14/3, 12/2, and 12/3 Lumex wire just like butter! It's still sharp after two years of use!

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