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Hot Spots

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Temperature Gauge 21C/70F Door Application (Pack of 10 or 100) - T2170-DA
Temperature Gauge 21C/70F Electrical Components (Pack of 10 or 100) - T2170-EC
Temperature Gauge 23C/73F Door Application (Pack of 10 or 100) - T2373-DA
Temperature Gauge 23C/73C - Electrical Components (Pack of 10 or 100) - T2373-EC
Temperature Gauge 25C/77F - Door Application (Pack of 10 or 100) - T2577-DA

Hot Spots work in electrical door panels of all types: MCC, FUSE, CDP, ECT. They work on fuses, breakers, switch gear or any other electrical components.

Hot Spots find and categorize your electrical faults by changing colors. When the fault is fixed they change back to the original color.

Mfg Note

This product is currently in development and no inventory is available at this time. Contact sales@rack-a-tiers.com for more information.

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